How to wash shoes in a washing machine so as not to damage them


September 27, 2018, 18:20 | In the world

These tricks should be learned before you wash your shoes in the washing machine!

How to wash shoes in the washing machine so as not to damage them

Washing shoes in the washing machine has already become a common phenomenon, but often, setting the wrong modes, we damage the shoes. Here is what you should know so that this does not happen to you!

Most often, shoe manufacturers object to machine washing in order to insure against possible complaints about its quality. However, with the correct organization of the process with shoes, nothing will happen, you just need to remember that:

Shoes with a textile upper (sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats, etc.) are perfectly washable, and they can be washed with ordinary powder or gel, informs Ukr.Media.

For leather shoes, you will need products specially designed for washing leather and fur , and it is desirable to soften the water with appropriate means, this will not only increase the effectiveness of their effect, but also reliably protect your washing machine.

How to prepare shoes for washing

Check if the shoes need repair, if any parts have come off, as during washing the defects will increase and the shoes may be damaged.

Before loading the shoes into the washing machine:

  • clean the protector from dirt and stuck stones, and wash the sole properly;
  • close all zippers, fasten the buttons;< /li>
  • pull out the insoles and laces – it is better to wash the insoles by hand with a brush in a soap solution.

Washing mode

It is advisable to wash each pair of shoes separately, in extreme cases, you can load two pairs at the same time. This is explained by the fact that if there are a lot of heavy shoes, they can cause mechanical damage to the washing machine: break the glass, damage the drum ribs, etc. Therefore, it is better not to spin: heavy shoes combined with strong vibration can damage the integrity of the machine.< /p>

Washing should be done in the special “Shoes” mode, and if it is not available, then in the “Delicate wash” mode, and set the temperature no higher than 30°C. It is desirable that the shoes were in a special bag or an old pillowcase. If you follow all these rules, freshness will return to the shoes after washing and they will look like new.

How to properly dry shoes after washing

If you do not want to spoil the washed shoes, in no case do not dry them in a dryer, as well as near batteries or heaters – the high temperature will cause deformation of the shoes. It is best to dry it in the fresh air, and in the cold season – just at room temperature in a room with good ventilation.


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