How to work productively from home: tips from Sony Placidus

Как продуктивно работать из дому: полезные советы от Сони Плакидюк


The expert model of reality “Top model in Ukrainian” and fashion freelance photographer with experience Sonya Placidus for about 15 years and works as a freelance photographer.

She shared useful tips on how to increase the effectiveness of their work from home.

  1. Develop the mode of the day. Be sure to Wake up at the same time, it is very important. Mode — is the best weapon in the fight against anxiety and bad thoughts.
  2. Start the day with a pleasant ritual. I, for example, every morning I drink coffee from your favorite pink Cup and do lymphatic drainage massage the face after washing.
  3. Equip the most convenient working place and tell your family that you now have a Cabinet. If you have a child, involve him in the game “the office.” Assign the baby to his important assistant and occasionally let us play the job (depending on age and temperament). If there’s no child, but have a cat, hoisted him on his knees and work with pleasure.
  4. Planarities. Build the task plan not in their head but on paper or in your phone/laptop. This is the most important! Write the plan all you need to do in the near future. Along the way you will realize that you can do today and what to postpone for tomorrow. But you will certainly lose nothing.
  5. Just start to work. The hardest part is to overcome my laziness, but joined in the work, you don’t notice a taste. Read the entire to-do-list, you can each item: one that causes the least feeling of disgust — your firstborn! Rather, grab it and start to bring to life! The sense of satisfaction a win soon procrastination (constant delay important tasks until then) — proven experience.
  6. Alternate case. Everyone has different specifics, but it’s important to learn alternate processes. For example, I’m a little ryushirou pictures, drinking coffee, doing the post to Instagram, back to retouching my floor, back to Instagram and so on. Therefore, the job you will not get bored.
  7. Take breaks. Can dance, sing, argue with the television at home you don’t run into the judgmental eyes of my colleagues. Short breaks will help you recharge and continue to work with new forces.
  8. Try not to be distracted by social networks. Leave this bed or sofa, and in the workplace hold the phone “face down”.

Как продуктивно работать из дому: полезные советы от Сони Плакидюк

Sonya Placidus. Photo: press service

Bonus life hack: if you want to do a lot of repetitive, but not very rigorous work, safely operate on the background of favorite, already reviewed, show. Native voices will entertain you a little bit and create the appearance that not really you at work, but knowledge of the plot will not allow to be distracted.

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