How unnecessary cosmetics will help solve problems in the household


    July 31, 2022, 09:06 | Science and technology

    Effective use of cosmetics in everyday life.

    How unnecessary cosmetics will help solve problems in the household

    Not every woman knows how to use unnecessary cosmetics in everyday life. If for some reason the tool did not suit you, or it has expired, then do not rush to throw it in the trash can. It can help in the fight against pollution, extend the service life of things dear to you or replace household chemicals, informs Ukr.Media.

    Delicate fabrics

    Most often, we do not properly care for woolen things and products made of delicate fabrics, as a result, they lose color, stretch and eventually become unusable. There is a fairly simple way to correct the situation – use shampoo or shower gel instead of powder for washing clothes. A hair balm is perfect as a conditioner or rinse. This way of using unnecessary cosmetics will save you money, and things will acquire softness and a pleasant smell.


    If the tonic did not suit you or the expiration date of your favorite lotion has expired, do not rush to throw them away. Few people know that you can use these liquids as a hand sanitizer or to treat a gadget after going out. The liquid cleans and disinfects no worse than any antiseptic. You will not need to spend extra money to buy such a product in a pharmacy or store. Just make sure that the product contains alcohol.

    Stain remover

    You will probably find such a popular cosmetic product as micellar water in your cosmetic bag. It not only perfectly dissolves decorative cosmetics, but also helps to get rid of stains on clothes or furniture. It is enough to wet a cotton pad with the product and wipe the problem area with it. Micellar water effortlessly removes stains from foundation, blood, and fruit. Also, it does not leave streaks, so you can use it on clothes.

    Glue traces

    If you have accidentally contaminated furniture, clothes or other objects with glue, then it is not necessary to look for a special agent, since you can safely use a varnish remover as a solvent. It contains acetone and will easily clean any surface. If the glue got on the fingers and connected them, then drip the product on the hand, wait 20-30 seconds, and then wash the damaged area with warm water and soap. Varnish remover is inexpensive and allows you to deal with the problem just as effectively as a real solvent.

    Scratches on furniture

    Do not worry if your furniture has scratches and there is no special grout. An ordinary colorless nail polish will help to solve this problem. It allows you to carefully mask the damaged area and make the scratch almost invisible. This method is relevant for glossy surfaces. If the furniture is matte, then use a colorless hygienic lipstick. Put it on a cotton swab and gently apply it to the damage. These tools will help you quickly solve the problem and not spend extra money on professional grouts or varnishes.

    Cleaning soles

    We often refuse to buy shoes with white soles because we are afraid to dirty them and do not know how to return them to their original appearance. In fact, everything is quite simple, and the already familiar micellar water will help you. No need to buy an expensive product, shoes can be cleaned with the most affordable means. In addition, bleaching laundry soap copes with this task, which also makes sense to wash shoelaces.


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