HPI season 2: Morgane finds her father, the truth about Romain revealed… What will happen the pro week

HPI season 2: Morgane finds her father, the truth about Romain is revealed. e… What will happen the week pro

Next week in HPI season 2, Morgane will find her father. And we will finally know the truth about the disappearance of Romain… We tell you everything here!

A new episode of HPI season 2 has just been broadcast on TF1 and a lot has happened! For this seventh episode, Morgan and Karadecfound themselves at a new crime scene. And among the suspects, there was an entire family! Once again, Morgane used her talent to find the killer. During this episode, Morgane increasingly realized that she had feelings for Karadec… And the latter noticed that something was wrong. He finds that Morgane is fleeing. But then, he is very far from thinking of love… He is convinced that it has something to do with Roxane who is organizing her surprise birthday party. And as you know, Karadec hates surprises!

But as his colleagues more or less spilled the beans, there weren’t too many surprises for the commander… He was then able to take full advantage of this karaoke evening. On stage, Karadec and Roxanemake a hell of a duo! What to increase the jealousy of Morgane… But when she is at the bottom of the hole, a shot rings out! Outside the karaoke, Roxane got shot by a biker! The latter reopened the investigation into the death of Romain… It could have a connection!

Morgane discovers the truth about Romain

In next week’s episode, which will be the last of the season, Morgane will discover that Roxane investigated Romain. She and Karadec will then take over. By going back to the past, Morgane will find her father and will make big discoveries about the relationship he had with Théa's father. This investigation will lead Morgan and Karadec to go to England. And the pretty redhead is not at the end of her surprises… The truth about Romain's disappearance will come to light and for once, you may be in shock!

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