HPI: what will happen in season 3?


HPI: what will happen during the season 3?

Season 2 of HPI has just ended on TF1. We wonder what could happen in the next season… We tell you more below.

What will happen in season 3 of HPI? We tell you what we think about it and it happens in this article.

This Thursday, June 16, 2022 marks the end of season 2 of HPIon TF1. A season of all records, since the episodes exceeded 10 million viewers. It’s therefore no surprise that the channel has signed for a season 3! Recently interviewed by Télé Star, Mehdi Nebbou who plays Karadec, said: “With Audrey Fleurot, we have a real desire to do well (…) I can't wait to discover what they have imagined. We will have to remain humble, fresh, innovate. Do not exhaust the system. This is why we may be shooting a little earlier than last year, towards the end of summer, to have a little more sun than in the middle of autumn. And to have more outdoor scenes, by the sea for example (…) They must be currently in an infernal triathlon of writing. They have little time.

So what can happen in HPI Season 3? We left Morgane totally devastated when we discovered that Romain was alive. The man she believed to be dead for years now lives in London where he has rebuilt his life. A blow for the budding detective. Let's not forget, either, that Morganrealized that she had feelings for Karadec. Which is quite funny, since in the first season, it’s the commander who felt things for the pretty redhead. And when no one expected it, they kissed at the end of the last episode of season 2!

Morgane and Karadec as a couple?

So we imagine that the next season should start on this kiss… Will he be the only one? Will Morgane and Karadec keep the secret? Will they pair up? There are tons of possibilities for where this scene will go next. In season 3, Morgane should also tell Théa the truth about her father… Namely that he is alive and well and has a new family! The teenager clearly shouldn't appreciate this announcement… And of course, there will surely be lots of cases that Morgan will succeed in solving brilliantly!