HS: Kokoumu is still the most popular party in Finland – SDP is closing in on the lead again


In the July opinion poll, the Kokoomus emerges as the most popular party, although the support is slightly decreasing. -kuroi-taas-etumatkaa-b574663.jpg” alt=”HS: The Kokoumus is still the most popular party in Finland – SDP is cutting the lead again” />

[email protected] 16.7.2022 at 2:59

If the parliamentary elections were to be held now, 23.9 percent of Finns would vote for the coalition, according to Helsingin Sanomat's July opinion poll. In June, the party's support was 24.4 percent.

The second most popular party in Finland at the moment is the prime minister's party SDP with 19.9 percent support. SDP caught the support of the coalition with an increase of half a percentage point from before.

Fundamental Finns would now be supported by 14.7 percent of Finns, i.e. the party increased its support by half a percentage point.

July the largest riser in the survey is the government party the Greens with 9.8 percent support, which is 0.9 percentage points more than before. Correspondingly, the biggest faller was the centre, whose support fell by 1.1 percentage points, leaving the current support at 11.6 percent.

Other risers were the Left Alliance with 7.7 percent support and RKP with 4.6 percent support.

Gallup was implemented by Kantar TNS. For the research, almost 2,500 people were interviewed by phone.

The margin of error for the research is about 2.1 percentage points for the largest parties in its direction.


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