Huawei brings its research center from the USA to Canada (PHOTOS)

Huawei переносит свой исследовательский центр из США в Канаду (ФОТО)

The founder of Huawei said that the Chinese tech giant will move its research center from the USA to Canada because of the recent American bans on products of this Corporation.

In an interview with canadian publications Ren Zhenfei said that these prohibitions will be forced to stop Huawei to communicate with their American employees.

Huawei is one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers and network equipment for telephone companies. The U.S. government accuses the company that it is a security risk that Huawei denies, and announced restrictions in may to access American components and technology.

Ren gave no details on how many jobs may be lost. Huawei operates a research center in Silicon valley in California, but in June confirmed that cut jobs after the U.S. sanctions.

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