Huawei, new wireless headphones FreeBuds SE


    Huawei, new FreeBuds SE wireless earphones

    The company Huawei has just started marketing the FreeBuds SE model headphones, the latest addition to the family of TWS headphones. They are characterized by a lightweight design that makes them comfortable to wear. They have long battery life and Bluetooth 5.2which provides connection stability. In terms of performance, they incorporate a 10mm dynamic driver and a high-sensitivity diaphragm that provides improved audio quality. Thanks to ambient noise cancellation, voice calls sound clear.


    They incorporate a 10mm dynamic driver, the bass is blunt. is Equipped with a high-sensitivity composite diaphragm that helps reproduce the details of music. Thanks to the audio tuning process, they give a satisfying listening experience. With ambient noise cancellation during calls, the headset processes the difference between the voice picked up by the two microphones, and beamforming technology enhances the wearer's voice, ensuring it is heard. pick up your voice while removing various disturbances from ambient noise and allowing the other party to hear clearly, even in a noisy environment.

    Autonomy and connectivity

    The equipment integrates a powerful battery inside, and with a fully charged charging case, it can provide 24 hours of playbackof music. Fully charged headphones are ready to handle up to 6 hours of continuous playback. As for voice calls, the FreeBuds SE have the ability to support up to 16 hours of calls with the charging case fully charged, and can be used for 4 hours when fully charged.

    It is n Equipped with the new generation of Bluetooth 5.2, which has lower power consumption, higher connection stability, faster transmission speed, and effectively reduces disconnection and delay.

    When the charging case is opened for the first time, it will enter the charging case. It automatically enters Bluetooth pairing mode, and nearby devices such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets can connect immediately. The moment the headphones are removed, they will automatically detect and pause music playback. They feature a built-in sensor that users can simply double-tap to make calls, play music, pause and skip songs.

    Design Details

    Currently the In-ear and semi-in-ear earphones are the most common designs in the TWS industry. This is the case with FreeBuds SE, which have a lightweight look and are configured with comfort and stability in the ear canal in mind, allowing them to be worn for hours without discomfort.


    Huawei FreeBuds SE are available in two colors, Cyan and White at a price of 39.99€ in the white version and 49.99€ in the cyan version.


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