“Hugh Hefner is turning over in his grave”: on Instagram * discussing the cover of the anniversary German Playboy with a queer person


    Geraldine Chabrac< /p>

    The German Playboy is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and in honor of the anniversary, the publication presented 50 different covers. However, one — with a feminine man in a woman's dress. A representative of the queer scene from Hamburg, known as Geraldine Shabrak, posed for her (Geraldine prefers the address “she/her”), and Denis Karlinsky, a native of Mariupol, became the photographer.

    Geraldine Chabrac

    This is the first case in history German Playboy when a non-transgender biological male was featured on the cover. However, in the comments on Instagram* of the magazine, not everyone appreciated this innovation.

    Hugh Hefner is turning over in his grave,

    — posted by dzo_dan.

    My condolences to the men,

    — posted by user beileratut.

    Goodbye Playboy! What happened to you,

    — wrote user carmona169.

    On the contrary, other subscribers praised the publication for supporting the queer community and moving away from outdated canons.

    I am very glad that I have the opportunity to make the queer scene visible ! That a Playboy cover could have a queer — no bust, but with a hairy chest, incredibly inspiring,

    — Geraldine herself commented on her appearance in the magazine.

    This cover, however, is not the only one of the fifty that breaks the traditions of the men's magazine. Photographer Esther Haase, who took portraits of Angela Merkel and other heads of state, also chose a man as a model for the anniversary issue and shot him in the typical image of a Playboy girl.

    artists, so that some covers did without live models — they were replaced by drawings that had little in common with the usual theme of the magazine. But there were also covers close to the traditional Playboy style.

    It is worth noting that Playboy pushed the boundaries during Hefner's own lifetime. So, Hefner became the first publisher to put a transgender model on the cover, back in the 80s (it was Caroline Cossey). In 2018, the transgender model also appeared on the cover of German Playboy.

    The first issue of German Playboy was released on August 1, 1972. To collect a collection of anniversary issues, readers will have to travel around the country — in different cities and regions, the magazine is sold with different cover options.

    Playboy, an erotic magazine for men, was founded in the USA by publisher Hugh Hefner in 1953. In addition to models, many celebrities posed for him in the nude and semi-nude, including Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Kim Basinger and others. Marilyn Monroe appeared on the very first Playboy cover.

    *Instagram belongs to Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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