Humiliating and cruel tests that Roksolana had to overcome


May 22, 2022, 14:32 | Culture

Khurrem Sultan steadfastly endured everything.

The humiliating and cruel trials that Roksolani had to overcome

Before Roksolana became the sultan's favorite in the harem, she had to go through trials that could easily break the girl. But Hürrem steadfastly endured everything, informs Ukr.Media.

Life in the harem was difficult and truly dangerous. Especially when the girl tried to stand alone against the rivals who had united. The first time in the palace, the life of Hürrem was comparable to torture. Every day she had to face tricks, and today we will talk about the cruel trials that Hürrem Sultan overcame.

Loss of all relatives

< Having found herself on the slave market, Roksolana understood very well that she would never be able to return to her relatives or simply to her homeland. Instantly, the girl lost everything. And this could not but affect the character of Hürrem, even though she held firm and tried not to show how difficult it was for her the first time.

Complete lawlessness and dependence on valide wishes

From the moment she appeared in the harem, Hürrem faced open hostility. Suleiman's future wife was hated by everyone: the sultan's mother, she was a valide, the current favorites and wives of the sultan, his close relatives. A particularly terrible and humiliating test for Roksolana was the absolute lawlessness and dependence on the wishes of the valide.

The humiliating and cruel trials that Roksolana had to overcome

Suleiman's Betrayals

Yes, even if Hürrem became one of the favorite wives, she was not the only one. The Sultan still continued to fulfill his duty as the head of the harem with other women, even elevating some to the status of favorites, as he did with Firuze and Isabella. In each such case, Hürrem felt incredible jealousy, pain and resentment. But she did not despair and tried with all her might to attract back the Sultan's attention, becoming his favorite again and again.

Killing a loved one with her own hands

Another incredibly cruel ordeal that Roksolana had to go through was the murder of a loved one with her own hands. Ibrahim Pasha once learned about Hurrem's unsuccessful marriage with an artist. Then he offered the Sultana a choice: to taste the poisoned Turkish Delight herself or treat them to Luka. It is obvious that the Sultansha had to choose the second option.

Removal from son Mehmed and ban on his upbringing

When Hürrem gave birth to her first-born Mehmed, she happily nursed and breast-fed the newborn herself for the first time. And then Sultan Suleiman's wife was once again reminded that even her own son does not belong to her, but to the dynasty. The harem nurse began to take care of Mehmed, and the boy began to live and sleep in separate rooms. Hürrem could visit her son only in the presence of a journeyman, a servant of the harem.

Inability to protect children

Killing of children of rivals for wives in the harem were commonplace. Suleiman Shah's sister did not like Khurrem and once made a fake news about the death of the sultan. She wanted to wait for the moment when Roksolana decided to put her son on the throne, thereby putting herself in front of a living man. However, Hürrem was smart and did not rush. Instead, the Sultan ordered her shehzades to be secretly taken out of the palace and hidden in a safe place. However, the plan failed, the children were stolen from Hürrem, thus proving that she is unable to protect or save them and without her husband is powerless against enemies.

The humiliating and cruel trials that Roksolani had to overcome


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