Hundreds of Airbnb reservations canceled in Toronto


Hundreds of Airbnb reservations canceled in Toronto

Toronto's Brandon Wall has the title of super-host on the Airbnb platform, which means that he is well established and successful there.

The City of Toronto says it has received nearly 100 inquiries from hosts on the Airbnb platform, who say their guests' reservations have all been cancelled.< /p>

Torontonian Brandon Wall has Airbnb Superhost status, meaning he's well-established and successful on the platform.

A week after losing all his reservations without Disclaimer, he is working to ensure his guests can book again, without getting too much help from Airbnb.

On Friday, Wall received an email from a panicked customer asking why her reservation had been cancelled. He logged on and found that all of his bookings were gone and his listing on Airbnb, which had been active for six years, had been deleted.

It was incredibly frustrating. The first day was very trying, says Brandon Wall.

He spent hours trying to rectify the situation for his customers, while trying to resolve the issue with Airbnb and the City of Toronto, since Airbnb hosts must register with the City.

All these guests are left behind and find themselves in really difficult situations, he explains.

Brandon Wall has been using the Airbnb platform to advertise his basement for six years and says he may consider other short-term rental options after his experience with cancellations.

Superhost Phillip Tallman also had to deal with this situation. Airbnb has canceled 46 of its reservations, including one person who was due to arrive the next day from England.

I would say about 10% of our reservations we never recovered. Some simply decided not to come to Toronto, he says.

The City says it recently received nearly 100 inquiries from hosts like Messrs. Wall and Tallman.

Some are posting a similar story: all of their reservations were abruptly canceled, the City confirmed their listing was valid, and Airbnb was unable to x27;helping hosts fix the problem.

The result is that many have scrambled to fix the problem while trying to appease guests who have had their reservations cancelled.< /p>

With support from the City, hosts eventually discovered that the probable cause was a minimal discrepancy between how their address is listed on their City of Toronto listing and how it appears on their Airbnb profile. /p>

This discrepancy led the City to flag registered hosts after performing a short-term rental compliance check. Toronto passed the information on to Airbnb, which instead of contacting hosts to correct the situation, automatically canceled all of their reservations.

Sandra Schott, who lives in Pennsylvania, booked Airbnb accommodation for a trip to Toronto for a concert in early July. His first booking was canceled without explanation in June. So she tried to book another stay on the platform, which was also canceled by Airbnb.

Sandra Schott, who lives in Pennsylvania, had to book a hotel because her two Airbnb reservations were cancelled.

She says she contacted the company, but did not receive a response.

I started looking at hotels in the area, but it wasn't feasible for us, so we ended up staying at a hotel in North York, she says.

“It gets frustrating, especially when you have something scheduled for a specific date.

— Sandra Schott

Airbnb did not respond to questions from CBC, but said the City of Toronto is responsible for identifying ineligible addresses and that& #x27;she has recently exercised this authority, which has had an impact on some hosts.

The San Francisco, Calif.-based company also said that while enforcement is entirely controlled by the City, Airbnb is working with hosts, guests, and the City to find a solution.

After Brandon Wall reactivated his account and tried to restore his customers' bookings, he received a flood of requests from new people wanting to book. He has since indicated that some dates are unreachable and had to manually enter scheduled rentals.

Even though he manages to honor the originally agreed upon rental price, several clients have to pay more expensive as Airbnb has increased some booking fees.

Laura King, who lives in the UK and plans to visit Toronto in September, first booked with Mr. Wall . Even after changing her canceled reservation, she had to pay $60 in additional fees.

According to her, Airbnb told her that the company couldn't do anything about it.

It caused us a lot of stress, but luckily the host was very, very responsive . So it made things a lot easier on both sides, she says.

Brandon Wall eventually discovered that his Airbnb profile includes the term basement suite with an independent entrance in the address, but it does not appear on its municipal registration.

He tried to get it changed on his Airbnb profile, but after several phone calls and more than 30 messages left with the platform's staff, he still couldn't make the change.

Mr. Wall fears that if he fails to change his address before the next City check, all the reservations he has spent hours redoing will be canceled yet again.

I can't imagine having to do it again, he shares.

That's exactly what Phillip Tallman had to do. His reservations were canceled once in June, then again in July, after he had re-registered his customers.

For its part, the City of Toronto indicates that the hosts should ensure that the information in their listing exactly matches their listing with the City or they want to be reported to Airbnb.

With information from Angela King, CBC


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