Hundreds of Elders ignore the covid and take to the streets in the second year without parties

Hundreds of Elders ignore the covid and take to the streets in the second year without parties

Hundreds of Elders ignore the covid and take to the streets in the second year without parties

Supporting the campaign of the Central Board of Comparsas, many families have hung “festive hearts” on the windows and balconies of their homes. Social networks also receive from Monday an avalanche of photographs, messages and comments of nostalgia for the 2019 holidays, of sadness for the non-parties of 2020 and 2021 and of hope for those of 2022.

Mayor Ruben Alfaro he commented longingly before the mass meetings took place: «How different our Town Hall square looks today … In a normal year we would kick off our Moors and Christians festivities, we would be listening to the town crier or proclaimer and preparing our voices for Moors Thursday all sing together Idella de mis amores after the Entry of Bands ». With nostalgia, but above all with great responsibility, and today more than ever I shout: Long live Elda and San Antón! ».

This year is to “remember, thank and reinvent ourselves,” says the president of the Central Board of Comparsas, Pedro Garcia. To this end, this Friday, the Moros y Cristianos magazine will be presented, in which everything that has happened during the last two years is collected “because what is written is what lasts. It will not include party content or captaincies, but the print run has been multiplied by four and it will be distributed free to all full members -7,000 partygoers- through their comparsas. But the most emotional act will take place tomorrow Saturday with the reunion of San Antón, the patron saint of the Elda festivities. It will be on Novo Hamburgo street, where its hermitage is located, and 500 people will be able to attend. It is the first mass of its kind to be celebrated in Elda in June. But the assistance will be previous registration and complying with all the security measures to avoid contagion. Finally, on Sunday, at eight o’clock in the afternoon in the Plaza Castelar, the AMCE Santa Cecilia will offer a festive music concert with limited places.

The Councilor for Festivities, Lorena Pedrero, He also remembered yesterday «the nerves, the rush, the desire to sing Idella. Our houses would be flooded with color by the festive costumes and Elda would be ready to start the best parties in the world. But this year will be different for each and every Elder. On the one hand we will close our eyes to remember our decorated streets and on the other, almost in unison, we will open them and think about the responsibility and the great effort we make to fight the virus, “he stressed.

For Pedro García, the feeling that festeros face is just as painful and frustrating as last year “but it is different and less cruel.” He hopes that in 2022 the celebration can be resumed. In any case, the first objective of the Central Board of Comparsas is to be able to celebrate the Media Party for San Antón next January as long as the covid-19 allows it.

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