Hungary tightens its rules on access to abortion

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Hungary is getting tougher its rules of access to abortion

This new decree is in line with the pronatalist rhetoric of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Pregnant women wishing to have an abortion in Hungary must first be confronted with “d' a clearly identifiable manner” by their obstetrician to the “vital functions” of the fetus, according to an amendment published late Monday evening in the Official Journal.

It changes the form needed to perform an abortion in this central European country, a member of the European Union (EU), where abortion has been legal since the 1950s until the twelfth week of pregnancy in most cases.

Signed by Interior Minister Sandor Pinter, the decree will come into force on Thursday, signaling a toughening of rules in line with the natalist rhetoric of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

In opposition, the far-right Mi Hazank party, which carried this demand, welcomed the fact that mothers will now listen to the fetal heart rate, even if the text does not explicitly state this. .

For at least a few seconds, the fetal age child will be able to be heard by the mother before the abortion is performed, said MP Dora Duro in a message posted on Facebook.

The law, revised in 1992, is not cast in stone in a Christian country worth its salt. Let's write history!, she added, thanking pro-life organizations for their support.

For its part, the NGO Amnesty International talks about& #x27;a worrying setback.

This decision taken without any consultation will make access to abortion more difficult and will traumatize more women already in difficult situations, spokesman Aron Demeter told AFP.

Since his return to power in 2010, Viktor Orban has multiplied pronatalist measures, changing his political formation, Fidesz , towards an ever more conservative and religious vision.

Since the entry into force at the beginning of 2012 of a new Constitution, Hungary has thus defended the life of the fetus from its conception.

A few months earlier, the government had financed a campaign against abortion with European funds, which had angered the European Commission don't.

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