Hunters season 2: Al Pacino is back in Amazon's Nazi hunter series

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Al Pacino is back in Season 2 of Hunters, Amazon Prime Video's series about Nazi hunters.

The conspiracy theory, the vast hypotheses around a society infiltrated by spies, Nazis or even the little green men are themes explored in cinema or on television for a long time, long before X-Files. The Invasion of the Grave Snatchers by Don Siegel and the mythical series The Invaders reflected the anxiety-provoking political context of a troubled period in history, inhabited by the paranoia of a cold war. We suspected his neighbor, his colleague, his family very often for fallacious reasons.

This deleterious atmosphere serves as a base for the imperfect series Hunterscreated by David Weil. Hunters tells, in fact, the incessant hunt of a team of Nazi hunters led by Al Pacino against the worshipers of the Third Reich, hidden within American society. The plot focuses on a large conspiracy, but also on the singular relationship between Al Pacino/Meyer and Logan Lerman/Jonah. Season 1 ended with an unbearable climax, leaving the public on the floor. But rest assured, we will soon know the consequences of this cliffhanger since a season 2 is coming soon. And indeed, the first images of this season 2 have been unveiled.

These first images revealed by Entertainment Weekly announce the return of the members of the shock team, formed by Al Pacino, since Jonah (Logan Lerman), Jerrika Hinton (Millie), Tiffany Boone (Roxy) and Kate Mulvany (Sister Harriet) have answered the call to hunt down the Nazis. They will a priori have to show imagination to sneak into social events, probably infiltrated by their sworn enemies. Also, the cast is growing, as Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) is featured in these photos. She should, at first glance, join the fight alongside Jonah.

But we know more about the return of Al Pacino/Meyer in this season 2. Thus the series will now take place in two distinct periods, in 1979, but also during the past of Meyer, when he formed the group. Information entrusted to Entertainment Weekly by David Weil in person. It will be necessary to be attentive to the treatment of the two chronologies, as the exercise is often poorly controlled.

Anyway, fans of the series will be able to rejoice with these few photos, the return of Hunters and of course Al Pacino. Especially since the wait has been long since the outcome of the previous season. On the other hand, we hope that this season 2 will offer us more in terms of narration than its elder, which only impressed with its breathless finale. Season 2 is set to land January 12, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

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