Hurricane Julia kills at least 26 people in Central America

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Hurricane Julia killed at least 26 people in Central America

Residents work to clean up the mess left in the wake of Julia, El Salvador.

Hurricane Julia, which gradually weakened as it arrived in Nicaragua at dawn on Sunday, finally dissipated over Guatemala on Monday after leaving at least 26 people dead and four missing in America central, where it left destruction and flooding in its wake, according to official reports.

The United States Hurricane Center (CNH) indicated that Julia was completely dissipated as of 9 p.m. (GMT) in western Guatemala, but stressed that its rains can still cause flooding in Central America and southern Mexico.

Five Salvadoran soldiers who were taking part in the relief operations died about thirty kilometers southwest of the capital in the fall of a wall against which they had taken shelter from the bad weather, indicated the Salvadoran Minister for Justice and Security Gustavo Villatoro.

At least two people died buried, also by the fall of a wall in Guatajiagua, located 150 km east of east of San Salvador, Salvadoran police added.

Finally, Salvadoran Minister Raul Juarez reported two more weather-related deaths in the southwest of the country.

A total of 10 people died in El Salvador.

In Honduras, the mayor of Brus Laguna, Wilmer Wood, said that two people had drowned after their canoe capsized, swept away by the waves swollen by Julia's rains. Another person has been missing since the accident.

A man carries an empty water container through a flooded area in Progreso, Honduras.

In Guatemala, 14 people lost their lives. In the north of the country, five members of the same family were buried in the rubble of their house in an indigenous village where a landslide occurred, according to the civil protection services ( Conred).

According to this source, two men are missing after being swept away by a river.

Julia had struck Sunday at the #x27;dawns the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua as a Category 1 hurricane, causing extensive damage in that country but with no casualties.

From Guatemala to Panama, the authorities reported downpours accompanied by strong gusts of wind that brought down many trees, damaged roads, destroyed houses or bridges.

Julia is the second hurricane of the season to hit Central America after Bonnie in July, along the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border.

In late 2020, hurricanes Eta and Iota had caused the death of at least 200 people and as many missing, and damage estimated at several million dollars.

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