Hydrogen sedan TOYOTA drives 840 kilometers without refueling: new auto show in Los Angeles

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-Анджелесе

Sunday, December 1, in Los Angeles concluded its annual international motor show. Was presented at least a thousand cars, 65 of them manufacturers have shown for the first time. The exhibition was visited by tens of thousands of people. Especially a lot of tickets were sold for thanksgiving and the ensuing long weekend.


Experts say a record number of electric models available this year. This suggests that the world’s leading automotive companies refuse cars with petrol and diesel engines and rebuilt on the issue of electric cars. By the way, electric vehicles are gaining popularity in Ukraine: rating of brands.

The Japanese company Toyota introduced the Mirai hydrogen sedan of the second generation (photo in header). Previous Mirai didn’t sell well. The problems were several: not too modern design, small cruising range without refueling, the lack of a network of special fueling stations. Toyota did not want to abandon promising from the point of view of company management, development. The result changed almost everything except the engine type. The car became more and more spacious. The reserve increased by 30 percent, allowing Mirai to drive 840 kilometers without refueling. Toyota promises that in 2020 to build a network of hydrogen filling stations across the United States. Now they are only in California and Hawaii.

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-АнджелесеLexus LF-30. Photo Getty Images

A conceptual model of the Lexus LF-30 was first shown at the Tokyo motor show in October. Now she arrived in Los Angeles. Without recharging the futuristic car can travel up to 500 kilometers. Maximum speed — 200 kilometers per hour. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour, he accelerates in 3.8 seconds. All this ensures the original power plant consisting of four electric motors with a total capacity of 544 horsepower. Moreover, the driver can change the settings so that the LF-30 is rear-wheel drive, the front-wheel drive or even all-wheel drive. The main element of the original design steel doors “gull wings” rising up. Another feature is the panoramic roof which transforms into a large touch screen. Control the car using voice commands and gestures…!

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-АнджелесеUniversal Space Vizzion from Volkswagen. Photo Getty Images

The German Volkswagen group brought to Los Angeles universal Space Vizzion. The serial version will be available in 2021. Driving a car is using the tablet with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. Without recharging the car can travel up to 600 kilometers. Total power of electric motors is 340 horsepower.

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-АнджелесеCrossover Hyundai Vision T

Company Hyundai has shown in Los Angeles concept crossover Vision T. feature of the car became “invisible” led lights integrated into the pattern of the radiator grille. Such lights will be used in the near future and production models Hyundai. The grille is also affecting the aerodynamic properties of the car. It is made on the principle of the honeycomb, each with a small plug. The driver can regulate the flow of air entering the radiator. Vision T is equipped with a hybrid power plant. Charge the machine from the mains.

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-АнджелесеKarma Automotive SC2 Concept. Photo Getty Images

American Karma Automotive company unveiled a new concept car SC2. It is a coupe with two doors “gull wings” equipped with electric motors with a total capacity of 1100 horsepower! They are located in the front and rear parts of the machine. On a single charge but this Karma can travel up to 563 km. Speed qualities of the car are striking: from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour, it accelerates in 1.9 seconds! In SC2 all as if from the future. Fingerprint scanner engineers, a California-based company seemed insufficient, and they developed advanced facial recognition. Seat and steering wheel biometric. They remember the features of the physique and habits of the driver and allows them to adapt to it. And the car is equipped with a high resolution camera and lidar, which allows 360-degree video. Artificial intelligence system captures in real time all the details of the trip, including outside air temperature, the sounds, the music that was played.

Водородный седан TOYOTA проезжает 840 километров без заправки: новинки автошоу в Лос-АнджелесеFord Mustang Mach-E

Ford has shown in Los Angeles electric Mustang Mach-E. This kupeobrazny crossover will be available with rear-drive and four-wheel drive version. Weaker modification equipped with engine capacity of 255 horsepower. The most powerful model runs on two electric motors with total capacity of 459 horsepower. Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds. In length Mach-E reaches 4 meters and 72.4 inches, width — 1 meter 88 centimeters tall is 1 meter 60 centimeters, and the wheelbase is equal to 2 meters of 97.1 inches. Clearance is 14.5 cm conventional crossover and 13.5 cm — GT-version. Crossover two trunks: the amount of back — 821 liter under the shelf and 1688 liters with the folded rear seats. Another compartment volume 135 litres under the bonnet. The selling price will vary from 43 thousand dollars, which is cheaper Tesla Model Y by 59.9 thousand dollars. Ford will begin selling in showrooms in the US, Europe and China in the end of 2020. In Los Angeles the car was presented by popular British actor Idris Elba (“the Avengers”, “Thor”).

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, which featured more than 900 vehicles, of which not less than 150 — world premiere. It is noteworthy that this dealership was put up the most expensive car in the world Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which was bought by the king of football Cristiano Ronaldo.

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