Hyperice Venom Back, personalized muscle treatment

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Hyperice Venom Back, personalized muscle treatment

The company Hyperice includes among its offer of products for well-being and relaxation the Venom Back (back), a device designed for muscle improvement and relief . It consists of a thermal pad with compression and vibration. This therapeutic combination creates a massage with heatIt soothes sore muscles and soothes stiff joints, helps maintain range of motion, and eliminates tension, aches, and pains. Suitable for warm up and recovery. Its price is around 200 euros.

Main characteristics

Venom for the back is a device that amplifies the soothing power of heat through compression and vibration, to eliminate internal stress and tension. It is controlled by a digital touch screen, and has adjustable levels of temperature and different vibration modalities that make it possible to fully adjust the device: to perform the most appropriate and personalized treatment in different complications.

It is a product designed to move with the user, who can carry out any type of movement and exercise, at will.


Heat through nanotechnology with 3 adjustable temperature levels

4 vibration modules with variable sequences

Combines heat and vibration to warm, loosen, and relax sore or stiff muscles

Top Values

Combined heat and vibration therapy , and can be worn in different everyday situations, even to exercise.

This therapy is a methodology that manages a rapid and even distribution of heat to relieve sore and stiff muscles, and to improve well-being throughout the body.

Provides a powerful solution of heat and vibration for the treatment of discomfort. Sore and fatigued muscles can receive instant relief.

Muscle recovery goes way beyond just working out. to stretch the muscles after the training routine. An appropriate option is to include heat and vibration therapies designed to complete said muscle recovery.