'I am addressing you as a daughter and mother': Elena Zelenskaya addressed the US Congress


First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska addressed the US Congress and called for more military assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces in order to protect the country from Russian aggression, according to the BBC.

'I address you as a daughter and a mother': Olena Zelenskaya spoke before the US Congress

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Zelenskaya delivered her speech in Ukrainian. Members of Congress greeted her with applause. At the beginning, she emphasized that this is the first speech of the wife of the president of another country in the US Congress.

“Today I want to address you as politicians, party representatives and as moms and dads, grandparents, daughters and sons, – Zelenskaya said. – I address you not as the first lady, but as a daughter and mother. Our families – this is the whole world, we want to save it. We are happy when it works and cry when we can't. Hundreds of thousands of such worlds have already been destroyed in Ukraine.”

The beginning of Zelenskaya's speech was devoted to the family, children and the world, which was violated by Russian aggression. She showed a video of the girl Lisa from Vinnytsia, who died from a Russian strike on one of the city squares and became the personification of the suffering of civilian Ukrainians during this war.

Zelenskaya also showed photos and videos of the victims of the strike on Kremenchug and numerous other victims of Russian aggression.

“How many more families can be ruined by this war? This is the “hunger games” of Russia. Hunt for civilians in civilian cities of Ukraine,” she said.

“We are very grateful that the United States stands with us in this fight for our common values, for our life and independence . That Russia is killing – America saves”, – she said.

The First Lady of Ukraine appealed to congressmen with a request to extend the supply of weapons and air defense systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to protect Ukraine. “Help us stop Russian terror against the Ukrainian people”, she said.

“Weapons are not to attack foreign land, but to protect your home and the right to wake up alive in it,” Zelenskaya said.

Zelenskaya does not hold any official post in the Ukrainian government, but for more than four months of the war, he has been actively engaged in dialogue with politicians, public organizations and journalists at his level.

“Usually the wives of presidents are engaged exclusively in peaceful affairs – education, human rights, equal opportunities. But how can I talk about it when there is an unprovoked, terrorist war going on against my country?” Zelenskaya said.

Unprecedented US assistance

Kyiv is using every opportunity to receive the largest possible amount of Western assistance.

Four months ago, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also appealed to Congress calling for additional military equipment to be provided to Kyiv.

After the Russian invasion, the US Congress approved an unprecedented assistance package for Ukraine of about $40 billion. to restore infrastructure and assist refugees in Europe.

During the visit, Olena Zelenska also met with the head of the US Agency for International Development, Samantha Power. The agency has provided billions of dollars to support the government of Ukraine and to humanitarian causes, as well as to fight the global food shortage caused by Russian aggression.

Zelenskaya also spoke with Joe Biden.


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