“I am grateful to you for everything”: Dorofeeva showed who helped her survive the divorce from Dantes

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Nadya Dorofeeva showed a person who supports her in any difficult life situations.

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The artist published the corresponding photos on her personal Instagram page.

Nadya Dorofeeva often shares the details of her creative and personal life . This time, she showed archival photos with her close friend, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

On the Instagram-stories series, the singer showed cute shots, in each of which she and her friend smiled sincerely and were very happy.< /p>

In addition to photographs, Nadya Dorofeeva signed each of the published photos. A friend of the Ukrainian singer celebrated her birthday yesterday, so the artist decided to congratulate her also on her personal Instagram blog. In addition to congratulations on the holiday, Nadya Dorofeeva decided to admit that it was her friend who was always there for all the difficult moments of her life.

“Today is a special girl's birthday. I'm happy that I have you. I love you very much. I'm grateful for every day that you were there. And this is your last birthday. Oh, what a day! Thank you for was there when it was very difficult for me. You are always good, even during the war,” the Ukrainian singer commented on the photo.

It can be assumed that during the divorce from her ex Vladimir Dantes, Nadia was supported by this very friend. From Dorofeeva's frank words, we can conclude that together with her friend she went through many tests.