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I found the solution to having a new smartphone without breaking the bank, few people still know this tip

Face to face With ever higher prices, smartphone sellers are increasing their offers and promotions. The most effective technique, however, remains relatively little known in France!

Do you want to change your phone and have just come across the prices of the latest Samsung mobiles or even the iPhone? With more than 1000 euros displayed, from the manufacturers but also On online sales sites, high-end smartphones are enough to turn heads and discourage consumers. It must be said that with their ever more advanced features, their premium design with expensive materials such as titanium and their ever more sophisticated cameras, the latest models can hardly compete. re displayed at agrave; affordable rates.

Platforms like Amazon, Fnac and Boulanger are full of promotional offers and trade-in bonuses for your old devices. This can already be the case. greatly reduce the purchase price of your new smartphone. But there has recently been a much more interesting technique if you want to buy a high-end mobile without breaking the bank!

This technique is phone rental! Still not very widespread in France, it allows you to acquire the latest iPhone by spreading your payment every month . According to estimates, few people have used it in France: just over 100,000 customers currently rent their mobile out of tens of millions of consumers.

Renting allows you to have a much more advantageous final price if you keep your new smartphone for several years. It is estimated that the total cost of renting a phone is more advantageous when you keep it for one or two years. Past At this time, it may be more interesting to purchase your new device directly, since the total rental price may exceed that of the purchase.

How does it work?

We can think of; Fnac or even Samsung directly. More and more companies are starting out. offer a smartphone rental option when you want to acquire a new device. This technique, in particular, allows; Samsung to offer deferred payments over 12, 24 or 36 months in order to space out your payments and leave with a high-end smartphone, without having to pay. take an entire minimum wage out of your pocket.

How does it work in practice? Through a rental contract, the selected company (Fnac, Samsung, Free, etc.) gives you the smartphone of your choice that is compatible with the operation. You can generally choose the duration of your rental according to your needs and enjoy it afterwards. However, you will need to keep the device in good condition to return it since theoretically you have to return it to the factory. at the end of the operation. However, some companies allow you to take advantage of a discount purchase offer. the end of the contract if you ever want to keep the phone.

Whether it's Samsung, Orange with its Business offer or Free (with its Free option Flex), brands and operators are offering more options for renting a new device. The company Apple also already has announced his intention to propose such a system in France. Don’t hesitate to inquire in store and elsewhere. calculate the total rental cost compared to the new price of the device!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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