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“I have something to tell you, add me on WhatsApp”: watch out for this new phone scam

A new scam has been wreaking havoc in recent weeks. The latter consists of: pretending to be someone you know in order to extract money from you.

WhatsApp may be an excellent instant messaging application, but unfortunately it is not immune to malicious people. For several years now, WhatsApp has been filled with numerous scam attempts, each more original than the last. The latter often try to pass themselves off as one of your acquaintances in order to gain your trust and lower your vigilance.

Lately, we already had was able to observe one of these new scams. The hackers pretended to be one of your children and simply sent you an SMS with the content: "Hello Dad, I ;#39;I lost my phone, add me on WhatsApp" followed by a new number. Of course, it wasn't really your child, but a hacker hoping you'd add him to the list. ;#39;instant messaging app to gain your trust and send you hacked links.

“I have something to tell you, add me on WhatsApp”: watch out for this new phone scam

Several Spanish police inspectors are currently warning of à a new scam very popular in Europe. Unlike the previous ones, the latter is categorized by a call via an unknown number, generally coming from ;South America, and more precisely Chile. Once you have picked up the hook, a woman's voice calls out to you: “Hey, I have something to do.” tell you. Add me on WhatsApp". Without you even having time to respond, the person hangs up and leaves you with only their number to answer. add to the messaging application.

Obviously, adding this unknown person on WhatsApp is a very bad idea. By getting into the pirate game, the Spanish police inspectors decided to take action. to see how far the scam could work. Once the person has been added to the application, the latter will begin to update the application. send you several messages with very diffuse content and containing different URL links. These links are obviously fraudulent and clicking on them will install several viruses on your phone in order to spy on your activities, steal your personal data and extort money from you. It is even possible that your phone itself sends several fraudulent links to infect other people!

If an unknown person tries to add you on WhatsApp, you should always make sure of their identity. Likewise, if someone (whom you know or not) sends you URL links on the application, be wary! It could well be a stranger pretending to be someone you know or a trusted person whose phone has been tapped. hacked. If you have unfortunately already clicked on one of these links, turn off your phone, remove the SIM card, and go to a repairer or phone expert.< /p>

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