“I have too much hatred against her”, Maeva in tears and angry at her mother who posts a photo of her naked

“”I hate her too much”, Maeva in tears and angry at her mother who posts a nude pic

It has been several days since Maeva Ghennam left Dubai to spend her vacation in Marseille, at her home. A good time for her to recharge her batteries, since she's been cold with several people in her family for a while now. And for these holidays, Maeva Ghennam is with her mother. The latter are very close and very accomplices. Moreover, the mother of Maeva Ghennam is starting to have her little notoriety on social networks. Unfortunately, she just made a big mistake on her Snapchat… Taking a picture of herself, she didn’t notice that Maeva Ghennam was naked behind her!

Quickly realizing his blunder, the mother of the pretty brunette quickly deleted her snap. Unfortunately, it was very quickly screened by Internet users and is already running on social networks. And on Twitter, everyone has their own little comment… We then read: “My question is why she walks around naked like that (…) At the same time the other one is always naked (…) Everything was calculated for let's talk about #MaevaGhenam, she was starting to be forgotten (…) It doesn't change anything! She's naked all year.”

“I hate her too much”

Faced with the situation, Maeva Ghennam reacted quickly. In tears on social media, she said: “I swear, I have the nerves against my mother too much. She posts pictures, she hasn't even looked. But please don't even start rotating the photo. She didn’t do it on purpose. I hate her too much, I swear”. There is no doubt that Maeva Ghennam's mother must blame herself for having made this gaffe… Now she will double check before posting something on social media.

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