“I have you absolutely” cuckoo “! Whom and for what should I thank? ” Diary that changes life for the better

“I have you absolutely” cuckoo “! Whom and for what should I thank? ” Diary that changes life for the better

Photo by Steph Cruz on Unsplash Feeling grateful helps us become happier and changes our lives for the better. And if you record it in your diary, everything will happen much faster. This tool is free and available to everyone. It's easier than the lungs. It's harder than complicated.

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How to make a comma from a point of no return

The story is more trite. A friend returned from a business trip a day earlier … Opening the door to the apartment, I saw a girl in headphones lying on the couch. And no husband. Fascinated by the music, the girl did not even register the turn of the key. From horror and surprise, Ilonka stumbled in the hallway and collapsed onto a hanger with a crash. The girl jumped up. Then my husband returned, who, as it turned out, ran out to the store … The scandal was enormous. The husband with an offended look left the apartment in an unknown direction. And the leg that turned up the next day had to be plastered in the hospital – a crack in the ankle.

And then the quarantine appeared! “Happy job! You can't leave the house! – Ilonka sobbed into my virtual shoulder. – With a family – absolutely krants-krants. This is the point of no return. There is no further life. “

Ilona suffered. The traitor made no attempts to obey and make peace. And she would hardly have forgiven him. I was thinking frantically what to do. And at that moment I was sent an Internet link to the “Gratitude Diary”. “Listen, come on, try it! They say life is changing. “

“I’ve got you quite a bit,” her friend sobbed. – Well, who should I thank and for what? Let it fail. This is all complete nonsense. “

But I insisted that she try keeping a diary for at least a month. In the end, Ilona allowed herself to be persuaded. We set the bar five records a day.

And it began …

Where to start?

“We must be grateful!” – how often do we hear this phrase. And how annoying and banal she is sometimes. Why on earth? I’m not doing well – what to thank? But life, like a mosaic, is made up of millions of trifles and trifles. And, oddly enough, not a single trifle is accidental and unimportant. Capturing the moments of your life means living here and now. It is in our power to choose from the set those that help you to live.

It works so powerfully and changes lives so quickly that it seems incredible at times. And no theory will explain exactly why this is happening. At first, you just celebrate something joyful, then you find the good side in the bad. Well, in the end, you just start to accept everything as it is, without rating. And every day the joy inside increases.

There is a tribe in Africa that practices an unusual tradition. When someone commits a bad deed, he is not punished, but placed in the center of the square, surrounded by fellow tribesmen, and for several days everyone remembers everything that a person who has stumbled has ever done good. And thanks him for that. They do this because they believe that every person is initially born good. And if the program crashes, you need to remind him of who he really is. This is a wise custom, and it is useful not only for the guilty person, but also for everyone who gives thanks.

A person who experiences gratitude and removes grievances releases a tremendous amount of energy that begins to work, making both his personal world and the surrounding space brighter, deeper, richer. Where to start these transformations? You can – from thoughts, or from ordinary notes in a notebook. A gratitude diary is the name of this practical lesson in our everyday school.

What to thank him for?

You know, it's very simple. Take a nice notebook and get started. First, of course, you will hover over a blank page. And then the first phrase will appear. For example, this: “Thank you, summer, for being warm and sunny.”

If now you just sort out the days that gave us crazy sunsets at sea, evening gatherings in a cafe, trips to lavender fields or fishing, excursions to ancient castles, water lilies on the lake, raspberry jam that filled the house with aroma, and so on and so forth. , we kind of turn on a little personal time machine. And once again we are experiencing the emotions that flashed so quickly and remained behind the scenes. And we even understand that, perhaps, at that very time you were not so happy about it. But now it is clear – there were so many things. And it was wonderful.

You can thank anything and anyone. Morning, day, night. Sun, rain, snow – because all this came into your life. Mom for a delicious lunch. Child for a funny drawing. Husband for movie tickets or even for the trite taken out trash. Girlfriend for a new poppy cake recipe sent to you on WhatsApp. Cuddling cat for your good mood. A bird perched on a windowsill. Alarm clock – for ringing in time. Chief – for noticing your joint, but keeping silent. And, finally, myself – for the fact that (what a fine fellow I am!) I did not get involved in another hype on the social network. Or for the fact that she went to bed on time, not succumbing to the spontaneous desire to flip through the tape with a bite of chocolate a little more. Or for the fact that, running through the park, I was not too lazy to slow down and take a wonderful photo of a blue butterfly perched on a flower.

And you can start with a simple question to yourself: what made me smile today? The main ideas for gratitude: family, parents, weather, friends, travel, pets, meeting new people and old friends, new things, gifts, films, books, music, delicious food, excursion, health, sports, studies, flowers … List continue for yourself.

The list can be endless. The main thing here is to listen to yourself. What hooked you, touched you, stopped your moment – all this is worthy of gratitude.

LIFEHACK . Open your photo gallery (or your Instagram) on your phone. Almost every one of them is an idea for a new thank you.

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