“I imagined myself a king”: Putin spoke about the uprising in Russia and the strong hand of the state

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Journalists write that the head of the Kremlin is now in the most difficult situation during his reign, since his army is failing miserably in Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to award-winning Russian teachers about Russia's need for a strong state hand. Reuters writes about this.

The publication writes that now Putin, who, in fact, has ruled Russia since 1999, is facing the most serious test for his regime. So, his troops are defeated in Ukraine, and relations with the West have become the most tense since 1962.

And during a television conference, as journalists write, Putin decided to spread one teacher about the uprising of Yemelyan Pugachev in Russia in 1773 -1775 years. When she began to list the reasons for the uprising, Putin joked that her answer was similar to the words of a diplomat from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“He imagined himself a tsar,” Putin said of Pugachev. According to him, the main reason was the weakness of the central government. Recall that at that time Catherine II ruled the Russian Empire.

The material says that Putin repeatedly tried to strengthen the Russian state after the 1990s. However, many critics of the Putin regime, including imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny, believe that the head of the Kremlin has built a fragile system.

Emelyan Pugachev's rebellion in the Russian Empire

Pugachev's rebellion – the revolt of the Yaik Cossacks, which grew into a full-scale war of the Cossacks, peasants and peoples of the Urals and the Volga region with the government of Empress Catherine II. The uprising failed. Pugachev himself was publicly executed in January 1775 on Red Square in Moscow.

We also recall that Putin again accused Ukraine and the West of starting the war. Among the reasons for the attack on Ukraine, Putin named torchlight processions in Ukrainian cities and the choice of national heroes by the authorities.