“I live too much for my wife.” Dantes called a new reason for divorce from Dorofeeva

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In March 2022, Ukrainian stars announced the breakup of their marriage.

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34-year-old Ukrainian singer Vladimir Dantes named a new reason for divorce from Nadya Dorofeeva.

In his new interview, the musician admitted that he and his former lover parted ways in early February 2022, when they realized that they no longer loved each other.

“Then I replied that we really don't love each other. And then you make a decision: “Let’s probably live separately.” And we thought for a month, like to give time, but a full-scale war began, then something else, ”Dantes admitted.

In addition, the Ukrainian musician noted that in a previous marriage he began to realize that he lives not for himself, but for his wife.

“At some point, I began to understand that I need to live for myself. It seemed to me that I live too much for my wife, and I need to take care of myself,” said the artist from Kharkov.

“We grew up together – I was 23 and she was 21 when we met. Now I'm 34. How many years have we been together? We were just different. Yes, there are other problems that I definitely won’t talk about … But it’s not on my conscience anymore. And it’s not for me to tell it, “admitted ex-lover Dorofeeva.

Now the singer is dating Kyiv restaurateur Dasha Katsurina. However, he is not yet ready to talk publicly about his new romance, as he “talked” a lot about relationships before.

“We were all close friends, we were all friends. She was between us all, because we really are all four are cool,” the musician added.

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