“I lost sleep”: an unexpected confession the most popular member “the Voice of the country-10” (photo…

«Я потеряла сон»: неожиданное признание самой популярной участницы «Голосу країни-10» (фото...

Traditionally, the project “Golos Krainy” (“1+1”) are not only national heroes but also popular actors, musicians and TV presenters. Dreams of the big stage and the star of the show “Papa” Daria Petroica. She managed to break through to the stage of “blind auditions” only the third attempt. On the bright playing of “Dove” Daria turned to Tina, and now Petroica preparing for the next phase — “battles”.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Daria told about their fears, working with a star and the biggest dream.

Darya, who proposed to try his hand at “Golos country”?

That was my big dream. But only the third attempt managed to cross predestiny and get to the blind auditions. Furthermore, to deploy the seat of Tina Karol. I remember when it happened, it seemed to me that my voice turned all the trainers of the project! For the blind auditions I chose the song “Pigeon”, sung in one episode “Daddy”, so it became crucial for me.

— How did you feel when left on the vocal scene?

— I remember shooting day on the show when my character was in a similar vocal show “Sing”. Across from me sat these blocks show business — Tina Karol, a Machete, Dmitry Shurov. It was very exciting, but when I came to blind auditions “the Voice,” that my emotions do not go to any comparison with the new. I understand that I can not turn. Two days before the filming of lost sleep. Just saw before my eyes a picture, as I stand on stage, sing, and no one presses the red button.

Not my first time speaking in front of an audience, but was worried crazy. It was very scary, if it’s one of the biggest auditions of my life. It’s like to go to University or to be heard in a theatre.

— How did you prepare for auditions?

I didn’t have much time to practice vocals. Two days before auditions, just went to warm up. Honestly, it was scary when predicting I heard the vocals of the other guys and decided that I do not know how to sing. But then I set myself in the mood. Still matters not only vocal technique, but also artistry, charisma.

«Я потеряла сон»: неожиданное признание самой популярной участницы «Голосу країни-10» (фото...

— Your number in the blind auditions became one of the leaders of the viewing on YouTube. How has your life changed?

On my pages on social networks have begun to subscribe to, people recognize me on the street. Write messages of support. Actually, I’m a regular person — I can meet in the bus, subway. But the most attention getting, when I get to the Mall.

— Your heroine in the series — the girl who got used to luxury. What you are in life?

— I have a very simple style, the main thing is to be comfortable. My sister says that I have an innate sense of style. In the wardrobe of virtually no expensive clothes. I don’t understand why spend money on things that you can buy cheaper. Maybe expensive things are better, but for me it’s a waste. From affordable brands, you can find great things.

— You perfectly look, there’s a special beauty rituals?

— I have no secrets. Just hope that my skin will be all my life and I will not grow old (laughs. — Ed.).

«Я потеряла сон»: неожиданное признание самой популярной участницы «Голосу країни-10» (фото...

— Is it true that you don’t have a musical education?

— Yes, but the family hearing and everyone has a voice. Unfortunately, in saving my child to do vocals was expensive. Parents worked in the theater and couldn’t send me to music school. I just went the school dance team, and all the money went there.

— If you have to choose — to be an actress or a singer, what would you choose?

— I believe that it’s possible to combine. Want to be like Hugh Jackman — an actor who sings, or Barbra Streisand. Perhaps, once and for me to write a musical.

— Preparations are underway for “battles”, how were your rehearsals?

— Can’t open all the secrets. With the opponent we became good friends and immediately fell in love with our song. It is important to experience and to show the relationship of people, all those passions that were experiencing two lovers. We both without musical education, but very creative. Tina teaches a lot invested in us, and shows us how to sing better. For example, at the last rehearsal she wanted I went to bat, showed how to extend notes, because I often pluck.

— What is your mode of the day, there was a special diet that spares the ligaments?

— Honestly, I have everything remains as it was. I’m back in the thick film regime, working on a new series. But I sing constantly at home, on set, on the road. I do think that I was singing from birth. Often when I teach texts on shooting, then I translate them into songs, because it’s easier for me to remember. Now I really want to find time for private lessons with a vocal coach.

— You called one of the contenders for victory in the vocal show!

— I’d like to win, honestly. When I went to “blind auditions” the main thing for me was to go through this stage, for the feeling of victory inside. Thought about what will happen next. I think every participant on the show as well as I do, wants to win. Many viewers write in social networks that believe in me, and I would not want to upset them.

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