“I love this country”: ex-husband Lorak made an unexpected statement about the war in Ukraine

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Murat Nalchadzhioglu said that he feels free in Ukraine and is not going to leave the country only due to the fact that hostilities continue in it.

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Murat Nalchadzhioglu, the husband of singer Ani Lorak, who is now building her career in the Russian Federation, said that he considers Ukraine his homeland and supports Ukrainians in the war against Russian invaders. He wrote about this on his Instagram page.

According to Murat, recently he was often asked the same question. He touched on why Nalchadzhioglu stayed in Ukraine, and did not leave for Turkey after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Armed Forces.

“We (in our historical homeland – ed.) say this: your homeland is not where you were born , and where do you live, where do you feel free, a real person, and live with honor. Therefore, I feel here (in Ukraine, – ed.) such a person, “said ex-husband Lorak, asking not to discuss the singer in the comments .

He added that he loves Ukraine, believes in victory over Russia, and considers it right to stay here at all times.

“I love this country, that's why I'm here. And to be here in good times, and when something is not good, running away, leaving is not my style. That's why I'm here and I'll be here,” he summed up.

He recorded his message in Russian, noting who is already learning Ukrainian.

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