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I often work on my Android smartphone, these 3 features have become essential

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In 2020, after replacing my iPhone 8 with an Android smartphone with a 6.67-inch screen, I started spending more time on my smartphone. Indeed, thanks to this larger screen, it should be easier to work on mobile. Currently I still work mainly on a PC. But from time to time, I forget my computer to work on my smartphone to be more relaxed (and therefore more productive).

And when I write my articles on a smartphone, here are the 4 features that are essential to me:

1 – A small, ultra-practical feature of the Gboard keyboard

In order to be efficient and limit errors, when working on a smartphone, it is important to have a good keyboard. And fortunately, the Gboard keyboard, which is offered by default on Android, is quite good, even if there are also interesting alternatives on the Play Store. One of the features of this keyboard that I like is hidden behind the Gbaord delete button.

When you press this button, the system clears the text to the left of the cursor. However, you can also try swiping: when you place your finger on the delete button, and swipe to the left, a selection is activated, allowing you to choose precisely the words or phrase you want delete (instead of pressing the button multiple times).

Note also that you can also move the cursor by making a swipe left or right on the spacebar to move the cursor.

2 – Two apps on the screen

Today I'm using a OnePlus 10 Pro, with a large enough screen and enough computing power to open two apps simultaneously. This ability to split the screen in two also makes Android a perfect productivity tool. For example, I can have my word processor on one part of the screen, and a Slack chat with my colleagues or a web browser on the other part.

I often work on my Android smartphone, these 3 features have become essential

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The way in which you activate this splitting of the screen in two varies from one brand to another. But on a Google Pixel smartphone (the reference device on Android), here is how to open two apps at the same time (according to Google):

    < li>“Swipe the screen from the bottom to the top.
  • Open an app.
  • Swipe up starting from the bottom of the device, wait a little while without removing your finger, then stop pressing.
  • Tap the app icon.
  • < em>Tap Split Screen.
  • Two screens appear. On the second, tap another app”

3 – Send…

It also very often happens that I read a document on my smartphone, for example while drinking my coffee, to continue on the PC. And for this scenario, Google Chrome’s “Send to” feature comes in extremely handy. Instead of sending the page I'm reading via a link on WhatsApp (to myself), for example, I simply press the share button in Google Chrome and then send that link to Google Chrome on my computer.

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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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