I threw it in the snow: the Russian doctors struck a cruel attitude to the disabled (video)

Выбросили в снег: российские медики поразили жестоким отношением к инвалиду (видео)

In the Urals, in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky there was a resonant story showing the inhumanity of physicians local ambulance. Earlier, the “FACTS” he wrote about the Kirov doctor-the anaesthesiologist, who is suspected of murder more than 10 veterans in the hospital.

The Ural team has refused to bring a paralyzed man to the hospital and he had to crawl to the doctors right through the snow.

It turned out that when the man became ill, his in the ambulance was taken to the hospital, where for some unknown reason it was not accepted. History repeated itself with the second hospital. To take a third attempt the members of the brigade, ambulance did not — they just threw the patient directly into the snow and left.

Already in the emergency room, the patient called relatives, who called him a cab.

The driver, unlike doctors, helped him to climb into the cabin and drove to the address.

Published in network video was the reason for the official investigation, however, it ended only explanatory of physicians, in which they wrote that the patient refused hospitalization and did not need assistance.

As previously reported, the Russian Novosibirsk died in hospital two year old girl with diabetes who didn’t let mother and refused to inject insulin. As a result, the child fell into a “sugar coma”. By the way, in Novosibirsk in April is going on tour former Advisor to Vladimir Zelensky, a famous Ukrainian showman and pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. It would hold paid seminars “for responsible parents” 15-21 April 2020.

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