“I told you that grandma is “on edge”. Rapper 50 Cent ridiculed Madonna again

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A year ago 50 Cent has already joked about Madonna's Instagram photos, and now history is repeating itself

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American rapper 50 Cent made a joke on Madonna on his Instagram when she posted another strange video online.

50 Cent posted a screenshot from the artist's video with the caption: “Madonna uses rap music to influence TikTok, and it really defiles my spirit.”

But at this, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, did not calm down and wrote a couple of lines: “I told you that the granny is on edge! Like a virgin at 64 years old . It's funny,” the rapper wrote, referring to her early 1984 hit Like a Virgin.

We are talking about a recent video where Madonna opens her mouth to the track Vent by Baby Keem and dances twerk.

It looks like the feud between Curtis and Madonna has resumed. It all started on November 24, 2021, when Madonna posted a series of candid photos on Instagram. A photo in which the artist in a thong and fishnet pantyhose poses with her legs wide apart, lying under the bed, became viral and gave rise to memes and jokes.

50 Cent parodied the photo and said that the artist is “trying to act like a virgin at 63.”

Madonna didn't keep silent and shared a photo from 2003 in which she poses in an embrace with the rapper, signing it: “Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend. And now he writes nasty things about me.”

And accused the rapper of criticizing others on social networks. “You're just jealous that she won't look as good as me and won't have the same fun when you're my age!” she said then.

“Looks like I offended Madonna if she dug up our old MTV photo from 2003. Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, just saying what I thought when I saw the photo,” wrote 50 Cent in response and added that he hoped Madonna would accept his apologies.

However, it didn't last long. Already in June 2022, he again laughed at the pictures of Madonna and compared her to a humanoid. The pop diva is known for her fondness for Photoshop and sometimes overdoes it.

She has not yet responded to 50 Cent's new post, but it is clear that the Instagram feud between the stars has resumed.