“I was raped at age 15”: shocking revelations of the participants “From Tomboy to lady” (photo)

«Меня изнасиловали в 15 лет»: шокирующие признания участницы «Від пацанки до панянки» (фото)

Eleven girls became heroines of the fourth season of the popular reality “From Tomboy to lady” (a New channel). The history of each of them are shocking. Many had to endure physical and sexual abuse, addiction. Was no exception and the 21-year-old Alina Shevchenko from Vyshgorod. First alcohol Tomboy tried in early childhood — in her family, drinking was common practice. It is the parents Alina and accuses in their addiction, they were beaten and oppressed her.

Sometimes I think I would rather grew up in an orphanage or was an orphan, says “Tomboy”.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Alina Shevchenko shared a shocking truth about her childhood, confessed his addiction to alcohol and told about the rape.

“Even when he was supposed to go to the project were drunk”

— Alina, you are the first broadcasts did not hide their problems with alcohol…

— Yes, there was nothing to hide. This dependency arose because of problems with my parents. We are a family of five children, I am the eldest daughter. Remember, whenever possible, the parents beat and abused me. Normal for them was to constantly call me “stupid”. Could even be punished for what I didn’t care for the younger. Although I am not for them had to answer, and they. In General, parents have always been indifferent to me, do not remember them words of love, support, understanding. You know, sometimes I thought it would be better raised in an orphanage! It is clear that by such thoughts I had to get rid of, to forget…

— And there was alcohol?

It was the easiest way. In my childhood my parents for the holidays sent me to the camp. That’s where I first drank. Remember, we bought a bottle of champagne or wine and could easily drink it for five people. And every time the dose got bigger, I wanted more and more. For alcohol came and cigarettes. I started Smoking at twelve years. But, you know, for my family, it was not at all bad habits — the parents themselves Smoking and drinking. However, the Pope was coded, but I still considered him an alcoholic.

«Меня изнасиловали в 15 лет»: шокирующие признания участницы «Від пацанки до панянки» (фото)Alina Shevchenko

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— When you got to the project, dependence on alcohol was?

Alas. I actually came to the project in spite of my boyfriend. By the time we had lived in a civil marriage more than four years. In General, once got into a huge fight, I got drunk, and in spite of him filled the questionnaire “Tomboy”. It’s just that he was categorically against my participation in the TV show — thought I was there to disgrace. So I wanted to make him uncomfortable. Incidentally, I don’t even remember what it wrote in the questionnaire: in the time was wasted.

So, get on a reality just out of spite?!

— Actually I wanted to become a party “From Tomboy to lady”. Believed that the project will help me find myself. Because in 21 years I never could figure out what I want to do, who want to be. Besides, I thought, what if I’m far away from alcohol, finally get rid of this addiction. Just continue to live could not! Even when he was supposed to go on the project, was drunk. Hearts pushed her boyfriend to the door, and he badly cut his arm on a glass insert. But, imagine, I just don’t remember! It to me already then told. You see now why I wanted to do away with alcohol?

«Меня изнасиловали в 15 лет»: шокирующие признания участницы «Від пацанки до панянки» (фото)

— Did you do it?

At least I got a life. Now master the technique of massage. I think I will succeed.

“You know what for your child will be ready for anything — don’t want him to have the same childhood as me”

— What tests in the “School lady” became for you the most difficult?

— Hardest part was given communication with the psychologist Natalia Borisova. She so knew how to hit home that I told her about the rape. It was hard to remember, but I did it. It happened when I was 15 years old. I then went to school and lived in the dorms. Once we brought a overdue energy, and we all drank them. I went to my room to sleep, and I was followed by a guy — I met him less than a month. He began to pester me, and then just took me by force. Still can’t forget! I was frustrating and disappointing. He then went to all the Lyceum told about it.

— On the project you have been given the nickname of Two Stars. Why?

— Because of my tattoos on the chest. I made them when I was drunk, and I didn’t care about that stuff. Two thieves stars are beaten in prisons. I’ve never been, although my past was stolen.

— You have left reality at the sixth week. It’s a shame that did not make it to the finals?

— Of course! I think it is unfair that I got kicked out so early. It is clear that in such a short period I was not able to change dramatically. When teachers asked me why should I stay, are very confused and are unable to defend themselves. So they pointed me to the door. I still remember how I was hurt. Wanted as soon as possible to go home. Ran upstairs to collect things to quickly get out of the house. But then came the girls and I burst into tears…

«Меня изнасиловали в 15 лет»: шокирующие признания участницы «Від пацанки до панянки» (фото)

— By the way, ended the relationship with your boyfriend due to the fact that the same went for “From Tomboy to lady”?

— No! We still live together and are even planning to have children. I love and want children. Know that for your child will be ready for anything — don’t want him to have the same childhood as me. I’m certainly not going to mock him, as did my parents.


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