“I won’t participate in the circus”: Italian journalist insulted propagandist Solovyov (video)


During the inclusion of the propagandist, journalist Alesandro Salusti said that he was in the midst of “television servants of the worst propaganda” and called Solovyov and his colleague as f**ks.

Italian journalist Alesandro Salusti called Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov a “f**k” live on air during his live coverage from the center of Moscow. This happened on the Italian TV channel La7 in diretta during the show Non è l'Arena.

The host of the TV program Massimo Giletti decided to hold his show from the center of the Russian capital, where he was joined by Vladimir Solovyov and a Ukrainian public figure from the team of the Russian propagandist Vasily Vakarov.

After their presentation, Alesandro Salusti took the floor, who reacted sharply to the appearance of propagandists on the air of the program. He stated that he was in the midst of “television servants of the worst propaganda that can be.”

“In the palace behind you, (the Kremlin) it would be nice to remind those who are standing next to you, that the most terrible crimes against humanity in this and the last century were organized, prepared and implemented. This palace is shit,” he said.

Salusti said that listening to “these two shits” he refuses.

“I stand up, refuse the fee, but I will no longer take part in this circus,” the journalist added.

On April 25, the FSB of Russia accused the SBU of trying to liquidate Solovyov. Russian secret service officials claim they have detained a “group of neo-Nazis” who were preparing the assassination of a propagandist.


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