iCloud for Windows records a bug that exposes images of strangers in users' albums

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iCloud for Windows logs bug that exposes unknown images in users' albums

The version of the iCloud storage system in the cloud for Windows has registered a bug whereby it displays images and videos of people unknown to users in their media albums.

A few days ago Windows announced  He said that he had implemented an update to Microsoft Store to improve the connection of the Windows 11 Photos application with different platforms, directly integrating the aforementioned Apple service.

Then, the company reported that it was wrong. of what this 'app' had been “carefully” designed to facilitate the organization of the photographs, without registering problems due to the origin of the graphic files.

Recently, several of its users have reported complaints through the MacRumors forums, where they have commented that they have problems with this application on the iPhone 13 Pro  and iPhone 14 Pro when syncing your videos.

Specifically, videos taken with phones made by Apple show up with a black screen and white lines when synced with iCloud for Windows. In addition, other users have reported seeing photos and videos of people they don't know in their content libraries.

“Occasionally, iCloud for Windows  inserts stills into videosfrom unknown sources, possibly other users' iCloud accounts. I've seen other people's family photos I haven't seen in my life,” one commented. This is from these users, as reported by MacRumors.

At this time, it is unknown if these images really belong to other iCloud users or  are random, this es, from other people who do not necessarily have this Apple service. Instead, most of those affected are Windows 10 and 11 users.