Identified as an effective way to stop eating sweets

Ukrainian nutritionist and expert on nutrition Olga Usenko told how to stop eating sweets.

Назван эффективный способ перестать есть сладкое

The details she shared on his page in Instagram. “I think this topic can be disassembled daily and daily to try new methods and replacement options, and alternative things that will assist you at any time of the year not to want to eat sweet,” wrote Usenko.

So, according to nutritionist, we need to increase complex carbohydrates (3 g per kg of body weight) and fats (of 1.2 — 1.4 g per kg of body weight) in the diet. And each meal try to do a full.

“Every day, eat proteins, complex carbs, fats and fiber. After this lost sugar cravings”, — said Usenko.

She also noted that due to all these increases will increase the calorie content and it will also be significantly as desired. In the cold season, the nutritionist has recommended to increase caloric intake by 200-300 kcal.

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