When a man is interested in a relationship, he turns into a jet plane. In the high-speed liner. In the icebreaker. The truth is cruel, but she can not hide: if he’s not getting you – you’re not interested in him.

If a man is inactive in the relationship, someone may decide that everything is fixable, he’s just in love enough. But this issue is much deeper. So, in order. He’s not embarrassed of you. And you do not scare him.

“If a man is interested in you, then it will be neither barriers, nor distances. He will arrive in the middle of nowhere to congratulate you on your birthday, and won’t feel a drop of fatigue. But if not interested – you can live on the same street, but he can’t find 15 minutes to run in and see you.”

Men have a strong desire to boost relations, to pursue the object of your sympathy. It’s part of male nature. It’s in the genes and is stored in the subcortex. He needs the challenge. It turns him on. It beckons him.

A man likes to Woo a woman. Believe me, it’s true. When he sees the goal, that is the woman he is really interested, he turns into a jet plane. In the high-speed liner. In the icebreaker.

The truth is cruel, but she can not hide: ‘if a man does not show sufficient initiative does not seek you, you he just wasn’t interested.

A man can come up and tell you a thousand excuses why he didn’t come, didn’t call and so on. He will feed these stories and lies to you constantly, and do so with the sole purpose – not to admit that you simply are not interesting to him.

Because you can always tell that you are very busy at work, finish a project, meet in the airport of a foreign delegation. In fact, he simply do not even remember about you, even in passing, even for a second.

However, he remains a sweet, smiling gallantly, velvet says something and you melt: “No, he still loves me.” Then I remember how he took you to a few parties, invited them to the concert (in fact, at the time, became ill his friend and lost the ticket).

But how about the fact that he’s not answering your TEXTS? Not answering calls and not returning my calls for weeks? How to deal with this eternal question you ask yourself: “And not hurt him? What if I did something wrong, that he became (and was, incidentally, always!) so cold?”

Stop, dear.

Just stop.

Stop chasing a guy who can’t find in the day consisting of 24 hours, an hour for you! Which is so “busy” that can’t spare 15 minutes for a phone call or a minute for a text.

After all, you started to doubt yourself, aren’t you? What do you “not like”, not good enough, hurt, hurt, etc… Nonsense. Just stop calling and look for it.

Don’t turn yourself into a girl that allows a man to “play” your feelings, thoughts and even body.

You must be confident and self-sufficient, and not wait half a lifetime before someone will appreciate you and your love. Will not appreciate. Yes, you know about that. Admit it, right?

Someone will say that in our time, to get the attention and love of the girl old – fashioned and thoroughly old hat. Now everything is much easier and more efficient. No, dear. So men show their interest in you.

It’s not about the serenades under the balcony and duels, talking about the basic manifestation of a real relationship to you. When he treats you, talks, calls – he’s trying to impress. And when trying to impress? That’s right, when you love.

If he’s a real man that will seek you every day. It will motivate you to be better, he will support you, it will melt even your shortcomings. And during a quarrel or rupture will not use your flaws against you.

A real man will help you to achieve your goals and develop, because he understands that only then you will be happy. A real man will not play with your emotions like a cheap Chinese toy, but because you can share the secret.

Our lives are difficult and full of worries, and very often he’s really busy at work, but he will always find time for you, and remember, when there is nothing to do or any friends are busy.

You deserve to beside you was a man who genuinely cares about you. Next to which you will not be torturing doubts or insecurities. Because you will know that you are always the priority.

Better I’ll write you this bitter truth. Because you don’t deserve to be with someone “thing”, which absolutely means nothing. You don’t deserve to listen to lies and spy out the tenderness in his eyes, which is not.

You deserve the purest love. The most faithful love. You deserve to be appreciated, that you took care of and achieved, you deserve LOVE.

These crumbs of attention from the person you are not interested is not for you. It is very painful and humiliating. And this is something that you just do not need!

You deserve to be with a real man.

To be alone – a sad prospect, but believe me, it is much better than what you had before.

To be with those you do not need truly is eternal pain and suffering.

Time will heal everything. You won’t even notice how everything will work out. Use this period of your life to learn to love yourself, learn to distinguish the genuine from the fake.

And love will come. When you least wait it. In your life appear of person who always find time for you. Always call. Will always support. He will not have to be reminded. He will not have to send hundreds of SMS to wait for one in return. And you know why? Because you’ll make him interesting.

Because he will love you. Really, and only you.

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