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If Apple no longer sells enough MacBooks, that might be a good sign

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According to new rumors from Cupertino star analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could very soon unveil new computers. But if MacBook Pros with an M3 chip are primarily expected for the keynote scheduled for the end of October, these could be followed by another much cheaper model – to compensate for potential disappointing sales. Let's remember, however, that today you have to pay tidy sums to afford machines running macOS. These are thus positioned in the high-end segment, with prices most often well beyond those of the competition. With the same technical sheet, in any case.

For Kuo, the “budget” could sell no less than eight to ten million units. These figures are valid at least for its first year of production, which would coincide with the 2025 calendar. Until then, however, the MacBook Pros presented this year would only experience relative success. And for good reason: stocks would be lacking.

The lagging subcontracting circuit?

This rumor echoes previous predictions from Ming-Chi Kuo, who assured that the new MacBook Pros would not ultimately see the light of day before 2024 – as soon as possible. The researcher will therefore have, despite everything, gone back on his statements, but it seems only because Apple has just announced the date of its keynote. However, although the conference actually takes place in a few days, the manufacturers of the new MacBook Pros are not yet ready to deliver them en masse to Apple Stores.

Customers may therefore have to wait many weeks before receiving their new equipment. A major delay which could seriously affect the sales figures of Tim Cook's company. It must be said that Black Friday is approaching, and that the end of year holidays (with Christmas and New Year) are generally the period which allows it to generate its most staggering turnover. of the year. A delay caused at this time does not really bode well, so much so that investors could impact AAPL's score on the Wall Street stock market.

MacBook Air M1&nbsp ;: the last soldier on the end

Today, Apple's most affordable laptop is the MacBook Air with M1 chip. This still addresses the historic design that made the range successful, but is therefore only powered by the first generation of proprietary processors from the Apple firm. However, the M3 should be announced during the keynote on October 31. It is therefore a safe bet that the MacBook Air M1 will then be withdrawn from the shelves. To make way for its successor, potentially ever more expensive.

The MacBook Air M1 is available from 1,199 euros, in three different colors. Its value proposition is reminiscent of that of Chromebooks, or MateBooks from Huawei.

Teilor Stone

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