If the victim is a child with markers: Halsey took to the red carpet in a handmade dress

In Sydney, the ceremony Aria Awards. Star happily showed off their outfits, but most of all spectators were amazed by the image of Halsey. The singer appeared on the red carpet in a rather creative manner.

Будто жертва ребенка с фломастерами: Холзи вышла на красную дорожку в платье ручной работы

Halsey appeared in front of the cameras in the lush white dress with an unusual pattern. From afar it felt like it was painted with markers. His outfit, the singer continued the theme of brightness and colors, which she started at the American Music Awards.

Then Halsey presented vivid perfomance: she was wearing a white top and white pants, which are in the process of the performance the singer was sprayed over the paint.

Fancy dress for Halsey has created a promising young designer Collina Strada.

Our first dress for red carpet, custom made,

— she wrote. Designers shared that they really painted this dress by hand.

Most fans Halsey loved this outfit. In comments under a photo of the singer in Instagram they have made her many compliments. “This looks amazing”, “Queen”, “It’s one of your best looks to the red carpet”, wrote fans.

But there were also those who found the way Halsey is quite strange. “You let my nieces and nephews to draw on your dress?” — asked one of podeschi. Some comments added that this kind of dress can make everyone.

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