If you couldn't get the name you wanted on Twitter, now is the time

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If you couldn't get the name you wanted on Twitter, now is the time

Twitter is going to clean up usernames that have not been used on the social network for years, which will affect the number of users. to about 1.5 billion accounts, and is currently working on a software update so that users can know if they have gone invisible on the social network.

The owner and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has announced the release of millions of accounts, which will mean The removal of millions of accounts that haven't tweeted or logged in in years.

In total, the tycoon estimates that they will release some 1,500 million accounts, in order to release the name they use, so that it is available. available to other users, as he has noted on his personal Twitter profile.

Account Status

Musk has also announced a new feature that allows & aaa users to know the “true status of their account”, so they can check if their profile and posts have been classified as ineligible to be shown to other users and the reasons why. They will also be able to appeal this situation.

This update will depend on the decision. This was due to a software update where the platform is already up and running. working, and it is similar to the announcement that Instagram has made recently, by which it introduces a space for professional users where they can check if their content is eligible to appear as recommended and if not, see the reasons why it has been discarded , and may also request a review of said decision.