If you have a $1 bill with these numbers on it, it could be worth a fortune!


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If you have a $1 bill with these numbers on it, it could be worth a fortune!

Have you ever noticed the dark green numbers in the upper left corner of the dollar bill? Of course, the big numbers with the denomination of the bill are much more important. But believe me, even 1 dollar can make you a rich person, informs Ukr.Media.

If the numbers of the serial number of a dollar bill are unique or interesting, collectors can pay you big money for it – hundreds or even thousands of dollars.< br /> You can get maximum profit for everything from $1 with a fancy serial number.

Here are the bills that can fetch you a tidy sum:

Low numbers

Collectors love bills with low serial numbers, such as the one below 1000 or 100 (eg 00000100). On eBay, such bills can sell for between $20 and $100.

A banknote with the serial number 00000001 can be worth $15,000.

High numbers

Many people also like to collect high-numbered bills, and they can be even more valuable because there are far fewer of them in circulation. Serial numbers from 99999900 and above are especially appreciated.


A flipper is a bill whose serial number can be read as a business to the left, and from left to right. Flippers go for $30 to $50 each on eBay.

Star Marks

Some bills have an asterisk instead of a letter in end of the serial number. This is a typographical error. It is forbidden to reprint a dollar bill, so a defective one is put into circulation.

These mistakes do not happen so often, for such bills on eBay they give $ 5 and more.

Repeaters and superrepeaters

Example repeater: 27527527. Bills with this sequence of numbers are valued at $3 or $4.

A two-digit repeating number, such as 45454545, is called a super repeater and is considered even more valuable. They give from $ 1000 for them!

Continuous serial number

An example of such a number is 55555555. Only one in every 11 million bills has a solid number and can be worth $500 or more.

Because these bills are so rare, people also look for near-solid numbers that only have one digit different , for example 55555575. They usually bring less money, but you are more likely to find them.

Binary numbers

This when there are only 2 repeating digits in the serial number. An example of such numbers: 29299299. On eBay, they can cost more than $ 800.

Triple numbers

Triple-numbered bills contain three unique digits (for example, 29329939).

Sequential numbers

When the numbers in a serial number increase (eg 12345678) or descending (eg 8765431) in order, collectors call this 'stairs'. You'll also find "almost stairs", where one or two numbers break the stairs.


Some collectors want bills with a specific year or date in the serial number. It can be a known date or significant to them. For example, 02162006 might be valuable for someone whose child was born on February 16, 2006.

A serial number that only includes the year is also interesting, such as 10901985 or 10002010.

Sequential numbers

These are two bills with consecutive serial numbers, such as 25348793 and 25348794. They are not uncommon, as you can get them when paying at any bank.< /p>

Even digits

This is when the serial number contains pairs of numbers, for example 24459387. The most valuable type of this bill is when the serial number has four sets of doubles (for example, 55998833).

Double four

These are, for example, 77776666. Banknotes with such numbers are rare and valuable.


This is when the serial number is the same two or three digits on both ends, for example 36584365. Prices start from $3 per bill on eBay.


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