If you liked The Wrath of God, you can't miss this other movie


    If you have already seen this new production and were fascinated, we have an infallible recommendation of a very similar style that you cannot miss.

    If you liked the wrath God, you can't miss this other movie

    Credits: Source: Netflix. Posted in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/19/2022 · 00:15 a.m. Share this article

    A few days ago Netflix released a new psychological thriller called The Wrath of God and it has had an excellent acceptance from users, but if you saw  and you were left wanting more stories of this style, we have an alternative for you.

    We are talking aboutThe Oxford Murders, a film released in 2008 that was directed by Álex de la Iglesia and that included in its cast the protagonists of Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) and John Hurt (Alien).  

    This film has been the product of a co-production between three different countries, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, and was commissioned to adapt the novel Imperceptible Crimes, which the author had launched in 2003 with an extremely favorable result. 

    It is worth mentioning that the story focuses on Martin (Wood), a student who moves from the United States to Oxford, in England, in order to finish his thesis under the orders of Arthur Seldom. However, everything will be left behind when the owner of the house he lives in turns up dead, and he ends up embroiled in a homicide investigation alongside his professor, as the criminal leaves them clue after clue.

    Both The Wrath of God and The Oxford Murders is an excellent proposal to spend the weekend and that takes as its common thread the mysteries that left a succession of crimes and have become two thrillers that you cannot miss.