If you use glasses that filter blue light, you should know this


July 30, 2022, 23:07 | Medicine

The harm of blue light is a myth that makes great money.

If you use glasses that filter blue light — then you should know this

If you use lenses that filter blue light, then you should know that they have brought more benefits to the manufacturing companies , than you, informs Ukr.Media.

Great Canadian investigation

In 2019, the Canadian TV channel together with ophthalmological scientists conducted an independent investigation and exposed the myth that blue light emitted by computers, phones and other gadgets is harmful.

If we summarize the large-scale work, then this is what comes out. First, there is no research that proves the harm of blue light. Second, there is no proven fact that blue light increases the risk of any disease. Thirdly, and "cherry on the cake" is the fact that the main source of this light on Earth is the sun – on a clear day, even in winter, our eyes catch many times more blue light than monitors emit. It turns out that it surrounds us everywhere – blue light is, was and will be.

Why do people believe in the theory of the harm of blue light?

Sitting near any screen, we gradually begin to feel discomfort in our own eyes. This is due to overexertion, as we look at the same area for a long time at the same distance, and as a result we get a spasm of accommodation. Also, our eyes feel a lack of moisture, because we blink less when looking at the screen and get dry eye syndrome. It is also important to take into account personal characteristics related to the quality of vision.

According to the authoritative contemporary analyst, residents spend an average of 7 hours a day on screens, the most active were the residents of Indonesia – their screen time is 11 hours a day, while the residents of Italy took the last place, their screen time – 5 hours a day.

In search of elimination of discomfort, people go for special glasses that will save them from the influence of screen light. In the last 10-15 years, many articles have been written on the topic of the harm of blue light, and, as it turned out later, the customers of the articles were companies producing filtering lenses. So it was fear that became a successful PR strategy.

Interesting fact!

In Canada, employees of four leading chains that sell special lenses told their customers that blue light can damage the retina and lead to serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Moreover, some stores had brochures about the risk of certain types of cancer.

The brochures about the risk of cancer from blue light have been destroyed, but let's look at the statistics and see if succeeded in overcoming the belief in the harm of screen light.

In 2019, sales of filtering lenses reached an amount of 18 million US dollars, and the number is forecast to reach 27 million dollars by 2024.

As you can see, it is difficult to overcome established myths. Take care of yourself, control your screen time and be vigilant – our health makes a lot of money, even when it's fine.


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