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If you want to buy a PS5 controller wait a bit, a new version is coming


This is information that was difficult to predict, but would probably explain the significant number of promotions that have taken place recently on PS5 controllers . According to the product sheets on various e-commerce sites, Sony is already preparing a new version, or rather an updated version of its famous DualSense, the current controller decided for the PS5.

What does this new DualSense bring??

If we advise you not to buy a PS5 controller right now, it's is because information about the one simply called “V2” is very limited at the moment. According to the sheet proposed by Best Buy in Canada, the changes regarding this new iteration of the PS5 controller would not jostle at the gate.

If some players hoped a change of joysticks to those with Hall effect, which prevents possible drift problems, it seems that this is not the case.

Greater autonomy for this DualSense V2

No, what seems to be changing mainly in this second version of DualSense is mainly happening in terms of the battery. According to the information given in the sheet, it is the autonomy of the controller which should be boosted, being able to expect 12 hours of play between charges.

It's a far cry from the 80 hours of games offered by the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, but it's still better than the very limited autonomy offered by the current DualSense.

How to maintain maximum battery life on the PS5 controller ?

If you want to try to extend the battery life of the DualSense as much as possible, there are a few tips to save an hour or two. Indeed, be aware that the controller's microphone is active by default, and that you just need to press the deactivation button to gain a few precious minutes of autonomy, sometimes decisive in the middle of a game.

Also, you will need to go to the controller settings to deactivate the sound coming from the speaker speaker of the DualSense, but also set the vibrations to a minimum, the same for the light system present on the controller. This will allow you to maximize the autonomy of your PS5 controller. We should learn more about V2 of the DualSense in the coming days, if Sony decides to make this version official.

  • According to the product sheets for the PS5 controller on many e-commerce sites, a new version is coming.
  • If we are to believe the product sheets, the major new feature of this DualSense V2 would be its autonomy which could now reach 12 hours.
  • Faced with these leaks, Sony should soon make this new version official soon.

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