If you're short on time, these are the 2 best short series to watch


If you are a fan of short productions that do not require a significant amount of time, we have the ideal solution for you. Take note!

If you have little time, these are the 2 best short series to watch

Credits: Source: Netflix Written in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/28/2022 · 09:06 am Share this article

The Netflix catalog contains the most varied and diverse content with options for all tastes; but if you are looking for a proposal that consists of a few chapters, we have two stories to recommend that you will love and that have received a wide and positive evaluation from the users of the service. 



The miniseries is based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, the story already had many fans around the world who wanted to see the romance between Charlie and Nick on the small screen. Due to its popularity, the series has already been renewed for two more seasons. It has a duration of 4 hours.


42 Days in the Dark

The story begins with the disappearance of Veronica. After this tragic event, her sister Cecilia de Ella will do everything possible to find her. However, he will have to face the negligence of the authorities, the media harassment and also the prejudices exerted by society. It lasts around 5 hours.



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