Igor Krutoy transfer the “New wave” of Sochi is called the city of the competition

Игорь Крутой переносит «Новую волну» из Сочи: назван город проведения конкурса

A native of Kirovohrad region, Russian composer Igor Krutoy, recently started a fight at the airport with peers Nikolai Baskov, announced the postponement of the “New wave” in Sochi.

He said this in an interview with “TV guide.about”.

As we know, Igor Krutoy, in addition to writing music is the main organizer of the musical contest “New wave”.

Do not know from what motives (and, likely, for financial reasons), Tough believes the best option to contest the capital of Tatarstan — Kazan.

According to the composer, he has long considered the possibility of moving the contest in Kazan, however the city was not ready for such a big event. For three years the capital of Tatarstan is very changed and showed good results in terms of organization of large-scale events, and therefore the city is ready to accept the “New wave”, which will gather not less than 1000 guests.

Also in favor of moving the event into the richest region of Russia, the composer called to the fact that next year will mark 100 Yaya anniversary of the Republic of Tatarstan, and therefore guests can be and more.

“In the year of the 100th anniversary of TASSR “New wave” at the end of August will be held in Kazan. I think this week when we will have a festival life of the city will change,” said Cool.

Recall that this musical contest held in Jurmala, and then moved to Sochi.

As previously reported “FACTS”, while held in August in Sochi, the contest “New wave” Svetlana Loboda delighted the audience “naked” costume.

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