IL News: NATO Division Planned in Estonia – Will Prevent Russian Armor Attack

According to Iltalehti, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas have agreed to establish a new NATO division. The plans are due to be announced next week at the NATO summit in Madrid.

 IL Information: NATO Division Planned in Estonia to Fight Russia's Panssarihy<p class = Foreign and security policy sources tell Iltalehti that a new NATO division is being planned in Estonia.

Its mission would be to stop the Russian army's armor attack. The battle of the ground forces division would be supported by the NATO naval and air forces.

– The establishment of a new division will be agreed and announced at the NATO summit in Madrid, a NATO source tells the IL.

The division is to be formed with NATO establishing a permanent headquarters in Estonia.

The new NATO headquarters would house the division's general and his staff, who would be responsible for defense planning and division training in peacetime.

Four Brigades

The division would consist of four brigades. , a total of about 20,000 to 25,000 troops.

– Estonia will deploy two of its own brigades in the division, about 10,000 soldiers. These are troops on the ground, armed and trained. Then there is a brigade consisting mainly of British people, whose troops are in Estonia but change according to the principle of rotation. A permanent headquarters ensures interoperability between different brigades. The army of the Fourth Brigade would be ready in Estonia, and its troops would be deployed quickly if necessary, the source said. = “paragraph”>Since the beginning of 2017, the British have led NATO's battle group of more than a thousand soldiers. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Britain sent another combat unit to Estonia to raise a deterrent.

Improving airports

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas , have already met for the Fourth time this year.

According to the British government, will be held from 28 to 30 June.

According to IL, Johnson and Kallas have agreed to locate NATO headquarters in Estonia and for the British to form an on-site brigade as part of the division.

– Railways and airports also need to be improved. The reinforcements must be brought in quickly, and the brigades need their training schedule, the NATO source emphasizes.

Finnish representation in the staff

A Finnish officer would probably also be placed in the division's headquarters. In NATO's defense planning, the Finnish Air Force would probably be one of the NATO air forces to provide air support to the division.

countries plan with Estonia. This is how foreign and security policy sources judge.

Putin hinted that he wanted Narva

In early June, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared himself to Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725) and called on the mission to restore the greatness of the Slavic Empire he had built.

Putin interpreted history as meaning that the Russians did not conquer territories from the Kingdom of Sweden in the Great Northern War (1700-1721), but took back their own. Dictator Putin specifically mentioned the great conquest of the city of Narva by Peter the Great. The Russian Empire. Originally, the population on the shores of the Gulf of Finland was not Slavic.

Since 1918, Narva has been part of Estonia. The mention of Narva was ominous for Putin. Estonia then invited Russia's ambassador to Estonia for an interview.

In recent days, Russia has conducted simulated missile attacks against Estonia. Iltalehti reported on them on Tuesday.

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