Ille-et-Vilaine: after giving birth at home, this couple has their children taken away


Ille-et-Vilaine: after giving birth at home, this couple has their children taken away

The story of this Breton family has sparked strong reactions on social networks. The custody of two children, including a newborn, was withdrawn from a young couple from Vitré, in Ille-et-Vilaine. The parents denounce a “kidnapping”.

Friday, June 3, a young Vitréenne gave birth to her second child. A home birth, without medical assistance. The young mother shared her story on social networks. She explains: “I gave birth in ANA exactly one week ago, in our house with my partner and my 2 year old daughter. It’s been fabulous, quick, painless, finally here it is, the dream we've been waiting for for 9 months.” But what happened next didn’t go as planned for the parents. On Friday, June 10, 2022, their two children were placed with Child Welfare Services.

When my companion went to declare the birth of our daughter at the town hall, the lady panicked when she saw that we had had no medical assistance at home. She called the PMI (Protection Maternelle et Infantile). The PMI harassed us on the phone for various things: bringing someone to our house, asking us why there was no one at the delivery.“, explains the young mother. Pointed at, the town hall of Vitré defended itself in a press release published Monday, June 13. She claims to have “respected the regulations” in this case.

The two children were placed in a nursery

The parents agreed to submit to the medical visit. “The pediatrician tells us that everything was fine, he goes out to make a phone call and tells us before we leave that the PMI doctor will be coming to see you this afternoon“, indicates the mother . She also shares what happened next: “Three police cars arrive at our house. Ten gendarmes enter our house and one of them says to us: we are going to take your children. There is suspicion of abuse. The PMI sent a report to the Public Prosecutor of Rennes. “Given the elements set out in this report, the Public Prosecutor's Office ordered the provisional placement of these two children with the Child Welfare Services.“, explains the Department in a press release. According to, the parents are in talks with a lawyer. The couple report not having seen their children since Friday, June 10.