'Illegal refugees': Poilievre avoids criticizing Richard Martel's remarks

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““Illegal refugees””: Poilievre avoids criticizing Richard Martel's remarks

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, avoided directly criticizing the remarks on immigration by his MP Richard Martel.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Tuesday avoided directly commenting on remarks by his MP Richard Martel, who was criticized by many for calling a Salvadoran woman and her son who arrived in Canada via Roxham Road an “illegal refugee”. Monteregie.

During a scrum on Parliament Hill, Mr. Poilievre nevertheless stressed that he understood why people want to cross at Roxham Road, this makeshift passage that has become over the years a point of reference. x27;unofficial entrance used by many asylum seekers.

“They are human beings. I have nothing against people. In some cases, they are also victims of a system that really does not work.

—Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

He says the problem is Justin Trudeau's incompetence in preventing legitimate immigrants [from seeing their case] dealt with quickly and fairly.

He assured that if he became Prime Minister, his government would be competent to solve these problems, not failing to mention in passing that his wife, who is of Venezuelan origin, immigrated to Canada.< /p>

Mr. Poilievre also discussed his vision for renegotiating the Safe Third Country Agreement, which is at the heart of migrant crossings through Roxham Road.

We should find a way, by renegotiating […] with the United States, to close Roxham Road and return to a system where people arrive at the legal gateways, he argued. Personally, I think it's more humanitarian and it's fairer, especially for people who wait a long time to arrive here in Canada.

Pierre Poilievre assured that a Conservative government would solve the problems of the Department of Immigration.

Conservative MP Richard Martel made headlines shortly before the holidays when he told Radio-Canada that he had refused to help Salvadoran nationals living in his riding because x27;they are, according to him, “illegal refugees”.

Leticia Cruz and her son Raul were threatened with deportation. They were finally able to stay in the country after the intervention of Bloc Québécois MP Mario Simard, then Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

We are talking about illegal refugees, who have passed through Roxham Road, while there are legal refugees waiting! This case is illegal refugees. Me, I'm not getting into that, Mr. Martel said in an interview with the public broadcaster at the end of December.

The Canadian Press had then asked to x27;to have an interview with Mr. Martel, request left unanswered.

The political party had, however, provided a written statement attributable to the Conservative lieutenant for Quebec, Pierre Paul-Hus. Our MPs are helping people from all walks of life and supporting Canadians who have been left behind by the Trudeau government while standing up for a fair and compassionate immigration system, it read.

Conservative MP Richard Martel maintained Monday that he knew, by refusing the Cruz family “file”, that the Bloc Québécois would take care of it.

In an interview broadcast Monday on Radio-Canada in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Mr. Martel said he would probably do the same thing if another file similar to that of the Cruz family were to end up in his hands.

“But that was a complex file and there were reasons why I told you that I did not take it.

— Richard Martel, Conservative MP for Chicoutimi–Le Fjord

He maintained that when choosing to refuse to help the Cruz family, he knew that the Bloc Québécois would do it differently.

So they took it and they fixed it, the file. So that's how it is. It's just a matter of values ​​too and folders. So, I don't get into that, he continued.

He insisted, over the course of the questions, on the fact that he considered that the file was closed as far as he was concerned.

Leticia Cruz's brother-in-law, José Nicola Lopez, had indicated in an interview with The Canadian Press that he considered Mr. Martel should apologize for his offensive comments which, in his view, amount to ignorance.

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