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“I'm not good in my body”, Alicia (MAPR6) talks about her weight gain since her marriage to Bruno

“ I'm not well in my body”, Alicia (MAPR6) é talks about her weight gain since her marriage to Bruno

This Wednesday, June 8, Alicia made some confidences about one of the consequences of her marriage to bruno. Since participating in Married at First Sight, she has gained weight and feels bad about her body.

Alicia was thrown into the limelight thanks to her participation in the sixth season of Married at first sight. The young single woman was looking for true love and the man who would share her life. After romantic disappointments, she decided to trust science. The experts of Married at first sight have therefore found the “perfect match” for the young woman in the person of Bruno. Thus, the two candidates from the dating show said “yes“, without even knowing each other.Their love story has been followed by millions of viewers who are waiting for only one thing, to know the outcome of their relationship.

However, for that, we will have to wait until June 13th. Are Alicia and Bruno still a couple? For the moment, the suspense remains intact, even if a beautiful alchemy emerged between the duo. While waiting for this fateful date, the young woman confided in her social networks. Sincere with her growing community, she decided to share her moods and complexes.

Alicia: “It doesn't suit me”

This Wednesday, June 8, the candidate of Married at first sight spoke of one of the consequences of her marriage to Bruno. “I have gained a lot of weight since the wedding, that is to say nine kilos“, declared the young woman in an Instagram story, before continuing: “It doesn't suit me. I am not very well in my body. I want to accept myself.I've softened.” She also explained the reasons for the weight gain. The latter would be due to “stress and all that“. Despite the superfluous kilos that complex her, Alicia remains radiant. His fans will not say otherwise… But what about Bruno? Are they still married or have they divorced? Reply in a few days!

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