“I’m not ready to kill”: rapper Walkie T threw himself off a high-rise building due to mobilization in the Russian Federation (video)

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  • In his dying video, Ivan Petunin predicted that soon all men will be taken into the Russian army, and called his act a protest.

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    Rapper Ivan Petunin from Krasnodar, known under the pseudonym Walkie T, committed suicide due to mobilization in Russia. This was reported by Starhit.

    According to media reports, on September 30, the body of 27-year-old Ivan Petunin was found near a multi-storey residential building on Congressnaya Street. Law enforcement officers worked at the scene, who confirmed the death of the musician, but did not disclose the details. Sources say that the guy jumped from a height of 10 floors.

    Rapper Anton Belogay (Hyde), founder of the SLOVO platform, also confirmed Ivan's death in his Telegram channel. He said that he had lost contact with Walkie T the day before and had been trying to get through to him for a long time, and on Friday evening he wrote:

    “Vanya is no longer with us. Blessed memory. He is in touch with his mother. There are no words. How there will be news on events and other things, I will let you know”.

    A dying video message from Ivan Petunin is circulating online, in which he spoke out against mobilization in Russia. The performer said that he had a deferment from conscription due to the fact that he was treated in a psycho-neurological dispensary, but suggested that soon everyone would be taken into the army.

    “I can’t and don’t want to take the sin of murder on my soul. I’m not ready to kill for any ideals. For me, killing a person – in a war or just like that – is something I cannot do. I have no right pick up a machine gun and shoot at people,” Ivan Petunin said.

    Walkie also said that he did not want to die at the hands of Ukrainians who were attacked by Russia, and become a person who supported the illegal invasion, as well as go to jail. The musician called his act a protest against the decisions of the Russian authorities.

    On the same day, Ivan Petunin released a new album, Walk Out Boy 3. Krasnoyarsk, during his career he managed to write more than a hundred compositions.

    President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia from September 21st. According to him, military personnel from the reserve, as well as people with combat experience and military specialties, will begin to be drafted into the army.

    There is information that after the announcement of mobilization, more than 200 thousand people left Russia. Russian men dodge the draft en masse, most of them moved to Kazakhstan, Georgia and the European Union.