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iMac : dé cover everything you need to know about the iMac M3

Apple has updated update its desktop computer, the iMac, with its new M3 chips. Discover all the information available on Apple's flagship computer with its prices, colors and possible promotions.

The iMac is often too forgotten. among computers at Apple. Yet it is an ideal desktop computer for work and productivity. thanks to its components fully integrated into the its screen. Apple has notably equipped its latest iMacs with M3 chips, the firm's first engraved in 3 nm (as with the chips that equip the iPhone 15 Pro).

Find out everything you need to know about the iMac, its different configurations available on the market, its specificities and its best available prices.

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The iMac M3 in pink. © Apple

What are the features of the iMac M3?

The iMac is an all-in-one desktop computer. Understand from this; that it is about both a screen and a computer tower. To do this, Apple relies entirely on the chip integrated into the device. the iMac: the M3 chip. The first from the firm to be engraved in 3 nm, the latter is integrated into the computer with RAM in order to quickly exchange information between the different processors of the device.

Purchasing an iMac also guarantees you several accessories so you can take direct advantage of your machine. Objects include: purchasing an iMac M3 are as follows:

  • Wireless Magic Mouse (Lightning port).
  • Wireless Magic Keyboard (Lightning port). Lightning).
  • Power cord and outlet and USB-C to Lightning cable.

The iMac M3's screen is a 24-inch Retina display and features a 24-inch Retina display. two Thunderbolt/USB ports4. The highest configurations (from 1829 euros) also have two additional USB 3 ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port within the machine.

< p>iMac: discover everything you need to know about the iMac M3

© Apple

The different configurations of the iMac M3 take into account the storage of the device as well as the number of cores of the GPU. These options are up to you. do according to your needs and can quickly impact the cost of the device.

The iMac is available in four basic colors: blue, green, pink and silver. Versions with 10 GPU cores have three additional colors: yellow, orange and purple.

At what price is the iMac M3 available?

The latest iMac with of an M3 chip is displayed at from 1599 euros in France. You will certainly have to wait several months before hoping to see any promotions and price reductions on this model. Note, however, that the Apple Store allows you to obtain a trade-in bonus on your old computer if it is not too old and (if possible) in working order.

The configurations are as follows:

  • iMac M3 (8 core CPU/8 core GPU/256/8 GB): 1599 euros.
  • iMac M3 (8 core CPU) cores/GPU 10 cores/256/8 GB): 1829 euros.
  • iMac M3 (CPU 8 cores/GPU 10 core/512/8 GB): 2059 euros.

iMac: find out everything you need to know about the iMac M3

© Apple

When is the release date of the iMac M3?

The latest iMac equipped with of an M3 chip has been upgraded officially unveiled during the night of October 31, 2023 alongside the MacBook Pro M3. He is already there. You can pre-order your copy on the official Apple Store website. The iMac M3 will be available at from November 7.

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